Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valencia Gp : the pics of Fernando Alonso victory in Valencia !

Valencia Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "this is a memorable day for me, I do not find the right words to describe what I feel ! Win in my country is an indescribable feeling: I still remember the success of Barcelona in 2006 and to win in Valencia todaywith this fantastic team, it is extraordinary, especially in difficult times such as we are experiencing in Spain. It's good for the sport. I also think that the success of the national football team and Nadal can give the balm to the hearts of the people. The stop in the lap of deceleration? I don't know what happened but it happened at the right time because I was in front of two stands and I could celebrate this victory with my fans! The sport always gives the same lessons: there are ups and downs and things change quickly. Yesterday, we were out of the Q3 andtoday we won. This means that we must never give up until  the checkered flag is seen . This is a beautiful gift for all those who come from far, who may have slept in their car, who remained in the stands despite the heat. Initially, it was not easy to win positions I tried to delay my brake to put me on the outside in turn 4. Then I started to attack and after the safety car, I began to hope for the podium. Then I attacked Grosjean and I managed to pass him , even though I was afraid the contact I have had with him, I have noted the damage and then two or three laps later, I realized that everything was correct and I am relaxed. When I took the lead after the withdrawal of Vettel hoping that the tires would hold until the end. I have always been in contact with my engineer because I was in the same pace as my pursuers. In the end I had no more tires, but unlike the Canada, the others were in the same situation as me. It is exciting to have been on the podium with Andrea Stella because he has worked with Michael and Kimi. He was able to celebrate a victory of the totally unexpected ways with this success best given my position on the grid. Thinking about yesterday what happened confirms that there is still much work to be done. We must be honest with ourselves and with our fans. We will do everything to win this Championship, but we still do not have the fastest car and we must continue to work to achieve this objective as soon as possible.

* Felipe Massa: "want you to that I say, today, nothing has been as I wanted to. After 8 laps, I began to feel that something was wrong with the rear of the car and, after the race, the team found that some damage had completely ruined the balance and the aerodynamics of the car. To be able to attack the Force India I went to take a second turn it. I am very disappointed because I had a good pace and I could stay close to the group where was Fernando. And then there was also a collision with Kobayashi and all my hopes for a finish in the points have been destroyed. The car was really good today , it was at the level of the best. 
I am pleased with the victory of Fernando, who has made a fantastic race, but also disappointed because today it might have been a very good day for both"

Valencia Gp : the race

Valencia Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "When you are not able to access in Q3, it is clear that frustration is huge, and there is no need to hide that this is a cold shower for us. We had certain expectations, and they are not held as planned, especially when we know that the car has much improved. Now that the qualifications are complete, it is easy to say that use the hard tires over the soft tires in the first relay of the Q2 was a bad thing. But in any event, we would not put our 2 cars in Q3. It is clear that we were not fast enough to enter in Q3, and the podium seems to be out of reach, especially when we see Vettel and Hamilton in first line... However, it should not overlook the fact that the race will be long and that temperatures will be much higher than today. We will try to be on the clean side of the track to win a few places from the start, then we shall take advantage of the tires we have more, which corresponds to a certain satisfaction."

* Felipe Massa: "it's really frustrating to find out Q3 to one-tenth, it was a qualification very tight with many drivers close to each other in terms of performance." In Q2, we were three tenths of the best time and we have been eliminated... It's a shame because the feeling with the car was very good, I have always felt comfortable and capable of fighting with the best. Our position does not reflect reality: today we could be in the three first lines. With hindsight, it is easy to say that if we used two trains of Softs tires in Q2, we could go, but we wanted to be at the top in Q3, and Q1 showed that we were quick in Mediums. Tomorrow, the strategy will play a very important role and we have seen on several occasions, as in the Canada, how those who go back have the chance to fight for the top positions. "Obviously, we are not happy today, but we know that we have a good car and we are still likely to get a good result."

Valencia Gp : the grid

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Valencia Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso : "Ce fut une journée positive durant laquelle nous avons essayé différentes évolutions, certaines ont bien fonctionné d'autres auront besoin d'être modifiées et elles seront sans doute utilisées à Silverstone. Naturellement nous avons beaucoup travaillé sur les pneus et ils semblent bien se dégrader ici. Nous devons néanmoins prendre en compte que les conditions peuvent changer rapidement en fonction de la couverture nuageuse. En effet, avec une piste claire la température de la piste peut facilement gagner quatre ou cinq degrés et ainsi modifier le comportement des pneus. Maintenant nous devons analyser les données que Massa et moi avons récoltées pour ensuite élaborer la meilleure solution technique pour les qualifications et la course. Cette année, la pole position semble être moins importante que dans le passé et je pense que ce sera le cas ici même sur un piste comme celle-ci où il est toujours important d'être proche du premier. Bien sûr, cela ne signifie pas que si vous commencez de plus loin vous n'avez aucune chance de gagner. Le championnat ? Je ne suis pas ici pour faire les comptes, je pense course après course, aujourd'hui Hamilton est en avance sur moi, l'objectif est donc de partir d'ici devant lui, mais peut-être qu'à Silverstone, Vettel sera premier et sera ainsi ma cible."

Felipe Massa: "we have worked on the development of the updates that we made and now, with the data collected, we will try to choose those that can give us more performance this weekend. This morning I have mainly worked on a series of aerodynamic comparisons so I didn't use the car or tires in the best possible way. The afternoon is better place, I was happy with the balance of the car. It's a shame, I made an error in my first round with the Soft at the beginning: my time also takes into account the fact that I was one of the first to establish the Softs, and I could improve my time at the end of session. There is much work to be done, I think that tomorrow we will see lots of fast cars but on the distance, the situation is not bad, there is a slight loss of performance of the tires, but in short, times were good. The wind? It was embarrassing, particularly in some areas of the track."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canada Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: 
"I am pleased with the conduct of this weekend especially for the car which is again competitive on a track that does not best meet our criteria. It is mainly with the changes made here that we are there because they work as expected and it makes me confident for the rest of the season. I still remember our position in the Grand Prix of Australia and if today we can fight for the pole then this means that we have done good work in the past months, as others do not turned thumbs! I am also pleased for Massa who confirmed his progress that we had already seen the last races. At the beginning of the Championship, he was not lucky, but we remained United, and now the results are there, for a driver of his talent. That said, we must not forget that there are two fastest drivers in front of us , so we still have late catching up in terms of performance, even if finally we seem able to beat playing with the best. It was a stressful situation, because the times are very close as always here and a few tenths can make the difference whether forward or backward. Third here is a good position to start the race, because the pole position is not so important compared to other races. Degradation of the tires will be a key factor in Sunday as temperatures will be very different from what we saw yesterday. The races here are very unpredictable, but it would be super to offer a beautiful race with a good result to our fans here and that thirty years after the death of Gilles Villeneuve. There is Italy-Spain to the euro for football? I have not talked about this with my team, but if we win [Spain] I think that I'm having trouble finding mechanics for my rear tires in the stands(said Alonso with a joke)"

* Felipe Massa: 
"I am pleased with the progress made this weekend, from the sixth place is positive. However I am not satisfied with my latest laps in Q3: in the sector 2 I lost the rear which has cost me a few tenths and surely cost a few places on the grid. I am very disappointed because I had the potential to do better than this 6th place. Finally, I remain confident because we are improving and it is very important for the rest of the season.Tomorrow, we will have to remain attentive regarding our strategy. I think that the choice will be limited to one or two stops but this depends heavily on the behaviour of the tyres. We hope to win some positions and bring a good result at home. On my headset I have the name of Gilles Villeneuve to pay tribute to the memory of a driver who was part of the history of Ferrari. 
I am proud to be able to honour the year which marks the thirtieth anniversary of his death even if I was just born the day of his accident, I was always one of these fans".

Canada Gp : the grid

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Canada Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: 
"I am quite satisfied with the sessions of this day, because this morning we mainly focused on the evaluation of certain developments, while in the afternoon we mainly worked on comparison of two types of tires and then research on performance a turn to check the behavior of the tires with low and many fuel on board. The first indications look good, but it is too early to draw conclusions, knowing that times on Friday are quite unpredictable. Now we need to focus on the analysis of data to prepare the best as possible the rest of the weekend. This circuit is close to the characteristics of a street circuit and therefore we must, at times brushing the walls. It is therefore important to find reference points on the brakes to not make mistakes while going fast on track."

Felipe Massa: 
"It was a positive Friday for us. We have succeeded in making a lot of laps and above, test any what we had in our program. Fortunately, the rain came just after the second session so for us all is fine. I think we can be satisfied with the novelties introduced here, although it is hard to estimate time they save us. In any case, the intention is to keep the car in this new configuration. It is well balanced and it seemed consistent in terms of performance although, of course, the track does not much grip as yet this is the first day. To summarize, it was the best Friday of this season, hope it continues on Saturday and Sunday."

Canada Gp : FP2 results

Canada Gp : FP1 results

la gazzetta de Ferrari

* at the Gp of Monaco, Fernando Alonso was wearing  a golden helmet drawn specially for this Gp by a Spanish body design artist. the theme is  the casino and it can be seen on the top of the helmet a Ferrari, a yacht and the casino , also some numbers like Poles positions, age etc... as last year, this helmet will be sold at auction late in the season. 

* Fernando finally revealed his tattoo via his twitter account! It is quite impressive and represents a Samurai. 

* Ferrari brought a new exhaust system, already tested at Jerez but improved for the Gp of the Canada, who directs better airflow to the broadcaster. 

(source of the pics : http://www.ferrari.com 
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