Sunday, September 30, 2012

the news of Sunday !

* Lewis Hamilton will drive from 2013 for the German team Mercedes Gp and this for 3 seasons minimum. He will have Nico Rosberg as a teammate . this event leaves Michael Schumacher without a seat for 2013 .
We also learned that Niki Lauda was going to join the Mercedes staff in a management position.  

* everyone thought he was going to join Ferrari but it's finally for Mclaren that Sergio Perez has signed ! the Mexican driver will team up with Jenson Button.
 It is unclear who will sign with Sauber to replace Perez. 

* the Fia completed changes in the development of its provisional calendar for 2013. These changes are occurring 3 times : the Germany Gp and the Belgium GP are one week sooner compared to the previous calendar and the Korea GP will be held ahead of the Japan one , in the beginning of October .

Here's the  new provisional F1 calendar for 2013:
-17 March : Australia (Melbourne) 
- 24 March: Malaysia (Sepang) 
- 14 April: China (Shanghai)
- 21 April: Bahrain (Sakhir) 
- may 12: Spain (Barcelona) 
- 26 May: Monaco 
- June 9: Canada (Montreal) 
*(not sure) June 16: America (New Jersey, New York City) 
- June 30: Great Britain (Silverstone) 
- 14 July: Germany (Nürburgring) 
- 28 July: Hungary (Budapest) 
- 25 August: Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps) 
- 8 September: Italy (Monza) 
- 22 September: Singapore (Marina Bay) - 6 October: South (Yeongam) Korea 
- 13 October: Japan (Suzuka) 
- 27 October: India (New Delhi) 
- 3 November: Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina) 
- 17 November: United States (Austin) 
- 24 November: Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Singapore Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "Finally it was a good race but we cannot continue like this, because we can not rely permanently on the abandonment of rivals as has happened in the last two races and should not think to it until the end of season because during qualifying as yesterday we were not performing to nearly a second of the best. On the track we got the most opportunities and the performance of the car thanks to the excellent work of the team and nothing that to do this we deserve to be where we are in the standings. Today, we have increased our lead on three of our four major competitors which is positive. Probably, this is the most difficult circuit for us and we will find partially similar characteristics in Korea and Abu Dhabi, but I hope that, at the time where we will we will have found a way to improve the car. the start was certainly not one of the best of the season but fortunately I managed to regain my position left to Di Resta immediately and my first stop when I found myself in traffic but tyres degraded too much so we opt to do this. On the soft tires we were more competitive but then after my second stop, the safety car helped Button and Vettel. Just before resuming the two leaders nearly colliding and I lost a few metres because I made changes on the steering wheel at this time we did not know if we need a new stop, but when the second safety car arrived then some drivers have returned to the pits and we decided to stay on the track without knowing if we were going to suffer from the degradation of the tires at the end of race, but this was not the case and we got comfortably on the podium. It was a very tough race physically, certainly the most tiring all season, three hundred miles in the heat and the humidity, it's very stressful." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was a very hard race and difficult and I regret for what has happened in the first corner because without this puncture I would have certainly finished more near of Alonso that would have been important for the two Championships. Once I had my problem there were more great thing to do, the objective was to try to make it last as long as possible tires while achieving good times. Fortunately the two safety car helped me but it is true that I would never have thought to a relais in super soft tyres. The F2012 performance was certainly very different than those of yesterday and Friday, it seemed that I was driving a different car and even at the end I tried to push to win positions and it is in the two last laps I had control to go to the finish line knowing that I had more performance with the tires. What happened with Senna, I think that the rules are clear and just respect them because I was already beside him and he would have of leaving me the place, he has not done and got tight against the wall. McLaren and Red Bull are really very strong but I think that the result of today's not so bad for the team and Alonso who scored big points. Ofcourse, we must improve our performance, especially in qualifying."

Singapore Gp : the race

Sunday, September 23, 2012

F1 2013 provisional calendar

F1 2013 provisional calendar :
-03/17 Australie (Melbourne) 
-03/24 Malaisie (Sepang) 
-04/14 Chine (Shanghai) 
-04/21 Bahrein (Sakhir) 
-05/12 Espagne (Barcelone) 
-05/26 Monaco (Monte Carlo) 
-06/09 Canada (Montréal) 
*06/16 Amérique (New Jersey) 
-06/30 Grande-Bretagne (Silverstone) 
-07/21 Allemagne (Hockenheim) 
-07/28 Hongrie(Hungaroring) 
-09/01 Belgique (Spa) 
-09/08 Italie (Monza) 
-09/22 Singapour (Marina Bay) 
-10/06 Japon (Suzuka) 
*10/13 Corée (Yeongam) 
-10/27 Inde (Buddh International Circuit) 
-11/03 Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina) 
-11/17 Etats-Unis (Austin) 
-11/24 Brésil (Interlagos) 

* Events to confirm

Singapore Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "the pole position was absolutely out of our reach: Hamilton was on another planet...
Paradoxes of this fifth place, but this does not mean that we don't hope to improve tomorrow: our goal is the podium. The result is pretty much what we expected since yesterday, because as soon as the afternoon, we were not particularly brilliant. The only surprise of the evening was made by Maldonado and it was really unexpected to see him on the first line. Here, the difference in performance between the two compounds is probably the highest of any race in the Championship, a second and a half and two seconds, which could also be important tomorrow. It is true that the Softs may last longer, but it is also true that with such a significant difference, the Supersoft could also be an interesting option. I expect lots of stops to the pits, especially due to the degradation of tires. Honestly, before arriving at Singapore, I expected better, but we quickly realized that we were going to attack this Grand Prix on the defensive. The race will be very long, very difficult physically and mentally, because you need to always focus maximally, without any margin of error. The slightest error can afford high priced on a track where the barriers are very close. Reliability will be very important and priority will be to hit the line in the best possible position." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was a very difficult qualifying session !
I really struggled to realize a good lap , especially in the trade sector, where the rear tires slid and therefore, deteriorating. This is a problem I've come across since yesterday and we have not managed to fix it . Hope that we can do something before the race, otherwise it will be really difficult. We need to consider carefully the strategy, starting with what tyre to use for the start of the race: there is a large difference in speed between the two compounds, but the two seem to degrade significantly. The aim will be to finish the race in the points, which will certainly not be easy, but we are going to do our best. All the updates here did not work as we have planned and hoped, which certainly did not help .We must therefore understand why by looking at the rest of the season."

Singapore Gp : the grid

Singapore Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "we have tried several new components on the car which some seem to be positive others less but I think that those who did not have good results must be further developed. Overall, I find that the day was positive even if the first impression is that we are not as competitive as we did in Monza two weeks ago. We still have a bit of lack of performance on tracks like this one, where we must have a maximum level of support. But based on what we've seen today, there is a significant difference between the two types of tires but we will have to wait for tomorrow to see a clear picture of the situation. Deviations of the day are probably amplified by the evolution of the track and the teams and the traffic programs, so it's difficult to make a direct comparison with our main rivals. I am sure that Sunday we'll have significant damages to tires and need to manage them as well as possible." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was not an easy day because the car was not good and I have particularly suffered from tyre degradation in the two sessions. At the end of the second we found what worked properly but it doesn't explain all my problems so we need to know what happened in order to be able to fix it for the rest of the weekend. We have fairly clear directions to take for the settings but there is still a lot of work to do."

Singapore Gp : FP2

Singapore Gp : FP1

Friday, September 21, 2012

Singapore Gp : a special Shell event for the Ferrari drivers !

last Thursday took place in Singapore a Shell event to celebrate the 500th race of Ferrari with Shell . at this occasion , Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa poses  next to a F150 Italia made only of Legos ! 16 people were necessary to make it ! good job ! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the news of Thursday

* Pirelli unveiled the tire specifications that will be allocated to teams at the three next grand prix :
- the Japan Gp : P Zero hard tires and P Zero soft tires
- India Gp : P Zero hard tires and P Zero soft tires 
- Korea Gp : P Zero soft tires and P Zero supersoft tires 

* the rumour of the time is that Lewis Hamiton would be departing from Mclaren to Mercedes Gp to replace Michael Schumacher who would thus put an end to his career! to replace Lewis Hamilton, the English team could hire the Mexican driver Sergio Pérez, who is no longer in the shortlist of Luca di Montezemolo in order to compensate for a possible departure of Felipe Massa. 

* during the young drivers test last week, Ferrari tested new parts that could be introduced for the Gp of Singapore. among these new pieces there are: a modified front wing , major changes at the back and at the level of the flat bottom and a double notch at the level of the diffuser to generate a significant flow of air.(source:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Italy Gp : Fernando Alonso podium pics

Italy Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "it was a Sunday for the Championship, almost like a film that has a happy ending and a new podium. Three of my closest rivals are not in the point and I increased my advance on the second. I remain convinced that without the problem of qualifications yesterday we could certainly have gone from the pole position and if we can repeat this kind of performance in the next races then I think that we can win a race and that it will be even easier to manage the championship . Here we had to watch Vettel, to Singapore it will be Hamilton who is now second. My battle with Vettel was difficult and it was not pleasant to go on gravel, the car bounced but then I was able to go beyond. I can't comment on the punishment he received but what he did was really limit. The first rounds were the key to my race, I spent a few laps behind Kimi, DI Resta and Michael and I soon found myself sixth and so I had a good race. Drive for Ferrari at Monza and make a podium is really something special, because driving a red car is special, the fans are exceptional. I am very sure that if asked to some of them to not eat for several days to drive a car from Maranello, they would, and that's what that passion for Ferrari is unique in the world." 

* Felipe Massa: "I am satisfied with this result even though I had hoped to finish on the podium but we faced higher than expected the tires degradation and the behavior of the latter was quite different in the free testing of Friday. It's a shame, because when the tires were good I could keep the pace of the McLaren, but then I started to lose the grip at the rear. This was not an easy race towards the end, Perez overtook me , he was quick and I could do nothing to prevent him from moving. I worked for the team while trying to help Alonso as i should. I always have and I would do it whenever needed. Always on the strategy, I think that both cases would not work by looking at the data that would have been difficult. The team had no telemetry and therefore we spoke during a lot of time on the radio and we were able to manage the situation in the best of ways. I don't know if it changes something on my future, but the most important is to continue thus, working with great concentration and trying to do my best for the team." 

Italy Gp : the race

Italy Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "I think that I could sign the pole today and it is a shame because the car was very strong, but these are things that can happen. The last similar problem dates back to fifteen years or something like that, but there we doesn't need to cry, the problem will be repaired for the race  tomorrow
, but of course with this result everything changes where we could be before all our rivals in the title race, but now it is certain that there are who will mark more points than me. I do not think the many problems of the last few days are related to the development of the car, because it is not the components that are used in the extreme. 
Tomorrow we are going to attempt to score as many points as possible to avoid losing too much on others. We must recognize that the problems of this kind can happen and we must remain positive even if the first reaction is disappointment. Sunday should be better than today , because there you're in middle of Pack and need to try all for all. in concern of the risks for the start ? I think that these are some drivers which will need to hook". 

* Felipe Massa: "I am very pleased with these qualifications, the best for a very long time for me and it is a very important race for Ferrari so I will do my best to get a good result. I am disappointed for Fernando, he was very strong this weekend and we have both a good car and I am sure that tomorrow we will be able to pick up a maximum of points for the Championship. We have a chance to fight with the McLaren, even if they are very strong. For me the chance to achieve a podium here in front of our fans is wonderful, it is my second race at home here and it is always special. We have tried to use as much as possible the aspiration that requires a lot of concentration but it is true that at the end of session I had my best time while I had no car to cover me."

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Italy Gp :the grid

Italy Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "with all that has happened today, including mechanical problems we did not test everything we wanted to, but all the parts that have caused problems may be modified by Felipe who took the necessary informations to optimize the car for the qualifying and the race. Even if today is complicated, it remains no less positive, but we must avoid the problems tomorrow and Sunday, I am optimistic about the balance of the car and we do not need to change. I think that we will see different strategies from qualifications because there is very little difference between the Pirelli tyres. Compared at SPA we are in the pace even if we have again a bit of support for two turns and the second chicane, because we lose time in the first sector with two long straights. We must analyse these details tonight and tomorrow and we will try to improve our speed, which was probably one of our weak points today." 

*Felipe Massa: "it's a very positive day because I was able to take advantage of the time of the sessions and to fulfil any program we planned for this Friday. I did many laps  with both types of tires, the morning and afternoon including the long relay to evaluate the behaviour as well as possible. At the moment , it seems not to be much difference between the two gums, as we can see on the map of the time and therefore we have to see how this is going to happen tomorrow, because the difference could become more important if the track conditions improve, which will be an important factor for the qualifications and the race. I am also satisfied with my times because I was always at the top of rankings with the fastest cars during the two sessions. We will try to improve the settings of the car for tomorrow, but I am confident for the rest of the weekend, while being very happy to be here at Monza before our fans, for which I hope we will have a good result from this positive day.

Italy Gp : FP2

Friday, September 7, 2012

the news of Saturday

* the Belgium Gp will be present at the calendar until at least 2015 after a new agreement was signed. 

* Magny Cours will host, from 11 to 13 September, the young drivers testing. Force India, Mercedes and Ferrari have already confirmed their presence. Ferrari will test Davide Rigon and Jules Bianchi. 

* Due to his exclusion from the Monza Gp for causing an exceptional crash at the start of the Gp of Spa, Romain Grosjean is replaced for the Italian race by the Belgian driver and current 3rd Lotus driver , Jerome d'Ambrosio 

* Bernie Ecclestone was married this summer his Brazilian fiancee Fabiana Fiosi in Gstaad, Switzerland. the ceremony took place in a small Committee. Note that the two daughters of the great paymaster of the F1 have not attended the event. 

Belgium Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday results

Fernando Alonso: "I am fine, except my left shoulder hurts me a little: I went to the medical centre immediately after the accident, but all is well . I had no idea of what has happened : I had overtaken the two Sauber and I felt as if I had been struck by a train! Immediately after the impact, I stayed in the cockpit for a few seconds, and then there was the beginning of a fire and foam fire extinguishers meant that I could no longer breathe. I tried to tell the team radio that everything was fine, but I couldn't. Now, I can say that, in view of the misfortune of having an accident like this, I'm lucky to be able to return to the car in a few days. The security of these cars is very high, and today we have new evidence of this. I am not in anger against Grosjean, he certainly did not make it intentionally : this was a case where I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I think that some drivers must attempt to take less risks at the start : this is just a currently trend in junior formulae, but it would be preferable, if from the beginning of their career, they become accustomed to enforce more strictly the rules of behaviour in track. What has happened is a shame because I think that a podium was within my reach, especially when we see what Felipe showed on track. Today, we have paid the misfortune and the chance must paid us in return : let's see what will happen during the rest of the season. We just lost the advantage we had on Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen, but we have lost nothing on Hamilton who, in view of the manner in which the McLaren is back in terms of performance, it is perhaps our most dangerous rival. Now we are going to Monza, home race of Ferrari : traditionally, the reds are always strong there, then hope that we can have a nice weekend and give our fans something to make them happy, which makes a part giving the benefit of what we lost today."

* Felipe Massa: "it was a beautiful race and the fifth position is an excellent result, if you look at where I started. In the beginning, I managed to pass the two Red Bulls but then I had to go to the right on the left side to avoid the tangle of cars which included Fernando and I lost almost all the ground that I had up to in the last few metres of opening. I am really sorry for what happened to my partner, because I think that he actually could get a good result, given the pace of race we had. It is true that even today, I suffered much in the second sector, but in the first and the third, I was very fast. The strategy of 1 stop was not possible for us, so we made the right choice coming to be very fast when it was really needed. I do not know if this race will change much with respect to my future, but I am very satisfied, as I was very disappointed yesterday afternoon, because on this track, I've always been very powerful. We now go to our home race at Monza,: the track is different from all others and it is very difficult to predict what the hierarchy might be in teams. Of course, it would be wonderful to be competitive and to obtain a good result ho front of our supporters who, I am sure, will show us their passionate support."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Belgium Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso : 
"this sixth place reflects our average this season, which is of 6.08 specifically, so we should not be surprised by this result. Usually, we are better on Sunday that on Saturday so we can be fairly confident for the race, especially when our closest rivals are behind me while another, Räikkönen is not far before. If we can sign this result tomorrow, then I do so now. Our goal is the podium, I think that victory is not in our scope even if the race appears very open in part because overtakings are possible here. The fact that we have no information about life of tires is not penalizing because we are all in the same situation and what we know that both compounds of tyre are doing well, so I would not expect to have problems on this plan. The most important is that we could not roll much yesterday, which has not allowed us to optimize the different aspects of the car, but everyone is in the same situation, this may explain the differences between the drivers for the same team. Introduced updates can be benefit in terms of speed which is positive here, and also for Monza which will take place in a few days . The Championship is very tight because you can drop very quickly, this is why we try to be focused on all the details.."

* Felipe Massa: "since the FP3 I had to fight in the second sector and we have made changes to the configuration of the car at the end of the session, but unfortunately this has not changed the situation. I do not make the most of the car in this sector, it slips into the corners because it lacks aerodynamic support. Alonso also seems to suffer in some parts of the track but less than me. In the first and third sectors I was competitive, or in absolute performance from my team-mate, which confirms what I say on the second sector, I was disturbed by the deterioration of the tires and we have failed to know how they behave on the long relay due to the rain yesterday. I cannot be pleased of today but now the most important thing is to focus on the race, because everything can still happen especially here where exceedances are possible. In addition there are many unknowns about the behaviour of the car, so there may be some surprises."

Belgium Gp : the grid

Belgium Gp : FP2 results

Belgium Gp : FP1 results