Monday, September 24, 2012

Singapore Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "Finally it was a good race but we cannot continue like this, because we can not rely permanently on the abandonment of rivals as has happened in the last two races and should not think to it until the end of season because during qualifying as yesterday we were not performing to nearly a second of the best. On the track we got the most opportunities and the performance of the car thanks to the excellent work of the team and nothing that to do this we deserve to be where we are in the standings. Today, we have increased our lead on three of our four major competitors which is positive. Probably, this is the most difficult circuit for us and we will find partially similar characteristics in Korea and Abu Dhabi, but I hope that, at the time where we will we will have found a way to improve the car. the start was certainly not one of the best of the season but fortunately I managed to regain my position left to Di Resta immediately and my first stop when I found myself in traffic but tyres degraded too much so we opt to do this. On the soft tires we were more competitive but then after my second stop, the safety car helped Button and Vettel. Just before resuming the two leaders nearly colliding and I lost a few metres because I made changes on the steering wheel at this time we did not know if we need a new stop, but when the second safety car arrived then some drivers have returned to the pits and we decided to stay on the track without knowing if we were going to suffer from the degradation of the tires at the end of race, but this was not the case and we got comfortably on the podium. It was a very tough race physically, certainly the most tiring all season, three hundred miles in the heat and the humidity, it's very stressful." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was a very hard race and difficult and I regret for what has happened in the first corner because without this puncture I would have certainly finished more near of Alonso that would have been important for the two Championships. Once I had my problem there were more great thing to do, the objective was to try to make it last as long as possible tires while achieving good times. Fortunately the two safety car helped me but it is true that I would never have thought to a relais in super soft tyres. The F2012 performance was certainly very different than those of yesterday and Friday, it seemed that I was driving a different car and even at the end I tried to push to win positions and it is in the two last laps I had control to go to the finish line knowing that I had more performance with the tires. What happened with Senna, I think that the rules are clear and just respect them because I was already beside him and he would have of leaving me the place, he has not done and got tight against the wall. McLaren and Red Bull are really very strong but I think that the result of today's not so bad for the team and Alonso who scored big points. Ofcourse, we must improve our performance, especially in qualifying."

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