Monday, October 29, 2012

India Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "we could beat the Red Bull, but for the moment we do not have a car capable of winning because even if our car is much better in the race we have too much delay in qualifying. I had a good start, a very good first round and a good top speed, tire management was perfect and I drove to 120% in every lap is what allows me to finish second. We did what we could as we do in every race, one thing is certain, if we earn the Championship , nobody will not say we have win it only with luck or on errors of others but only because we have always done the maximum. We will have developments in Abu Dhabi, hope that we can take a step forward because it will be important to reduce the gap, remains 75 points to score, which is a lot, so I'm optimistic even though we are all aware that we must improve our performance especially on Saturday. I do not know if it is my best performance of the season, because it is always difficult to know, I am very pleased with this performance just as those of Valencia and Monza, I attacked from the beginning to the end, I took a lot of risks in overtakings compared to previous races. I tried to move the two McLarens at the outset, I was in their wake but they fought amongst themselves which complicated my maneuvers, I managed to pass one of the two, and then I overtook Button a few laps later, but the time lost during these tours allowed Vettel and Webber of the gap. 
In the second relay, I faced Webber, there was a small gap at the beginning but once again we have seen that anything can happen because he had problems of KERS, races are still long and difficult." 

*Felipe Massa: "it was a hard fight, from the beginning to the end. After about 20 laps, I was told from the wall of the stands that I had to try to save fuel so I started to do half of the race without being able to be at bottom and I can assure you that it was certainly not easy because Kimi was always very close to me. It was not the result I wanted, but still, these are important points for the constructors championship. The time lost during free practice 2 cost me a lot , especially because we could not optimize our package. The duel with Kimi after discontinuation? I managed to get out of the pits before but I let him pass the turn 3 because it was still very close and I wanted to have the DRS in a straight line. I think that it is made to account but it was too late and I had the advantage and the possibility of leaving me. Now we go to Abu Dhabi, which is a little like the 2nd race at home to Ferrari because we have the theme park there - down. Hope that we will have even a few new things on the car to get a better result this 6 th place."

India Gp : the race results

Sunday, October 28, 2012

India Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "we have tried to take advantage, but we could not fight against Red Bull and McLaren. Fifth place is not so bad because it is easy to be further on the grid and that something goes wrong. It is clear that to finish before Red Bull is our goal, but today
, it is impossible to fight against them, at least in qualifying: when we had a similar pace to their car it was possible to fight with Vettel, but now we are fighting against Newey and for the moment, we cannot fight. Here, we have brought new things that have worked as planned, but others have improved over the past two weeks. It is up to us to bring something more meaningful in the final three races. I'm not worried or unmotivated because I know that things can change quickly and the joy of Saturday can quickly turn into sadness on Sunday. We must try to win positions in the first round and put pressure on our rivals, without allowing them to make an easy race. It is clear I hope to have a more competitive car soon to be able to fight with them, even on Saturdays, not only on Sundays. I do not let go, this is my real benefit." 

*Felipe Massa: "I am really satisfied with this sixth place, but without my error in turn 6 in Q3, I could have started better positioned on the grid. In qualifying, the Red Bull was
 the faster, McLaren was in our time for a while but things in the race are different because we hope to be able to beat with four cars for the top positions. The key points of the racetomorrow
 will be many: departure, strategy and tyre degradation, of course it won't be making any mistakes. We have to be perfect because it will be a very long race. Today
, it was not easy to make a perfect lap because the track was very slippery. Here, we have made some changes that seem to work, but maybe not enough to close the delay on our rivals."

India Gp : the grid

India Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "it is an interesting circuit: after a long straight line, there is a combination of high-speed turns that are fun to drive. Today , the track was still very dirty, which is usually the case on new tracks which are not used often. Tomorrow , when there will be more grip, it will be even more fun. Track conditions change quickly over the laps and it is therefore even more complicated to understand the hierarchy from the pitlane. We need to study the data carefully to make the right choices for the rest of the weekend. There is not anything to say about the performance of the tyres: based on what we have seen today , we can hope that it will not be a problem ."

*Felipe Massa:"It was a difficult day, especially in the afternoon . The first session went well and we were able to do what we had anticipated, but in the second, when we passed the tender tires , the balance of the car was not the best and it was very difficult to steer, so much so that I ended up a head to tail. Unfortunately, it has damaged a tire and I was unable to do the work on a long term, which was one of our priorities.In the last half hour I therefore was focused on training to the judgments in the stands, the only possible thing with the tires in that state."

India Gp : FP2

India Gp : FP1

Thursday, October 25, 2012

la gazzetta de Ferrari

* As expected , Ferrari decided to extend Felipe Massa for another year. the Brazilian will be in 2013 and for the fourth consecutive year Fernando blog team-mate : " We are pleased to extend our relationship with Felipe for a further season,"explains Stefano Domenicali. He's part of our family for many years and has proven, particularly in the second part of this season, that he's still competitive enough to fight at the highest level, what we require for a driver at the wheel of a Ferrari. We have always supported him and we are convinced of his value. "

* Felipe Massa would have tested a new  package in Korea which should be installed on the car of Fernando Alonso in India. This package would contain inter alia a style of exhaust way Red Bull and a super DRS; all this to catch up with the Austrian team in terms of performance. 

 *Marc Gené, made ,  last week, some aero tests in a straight line for Ferrari in order to test the new elements that will be installed in India. According to the Spanish driver , this package would save between 2 to 4 tenths to the Scuderia this weekend.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

the news of the week !

* Michael Schumacher, who will take his final retirement at the end of the season, announced that he will no longer share in any motor sport competition. He prefers to devote himself to his family and to make equestrian competitions with his wife Corinna. 

* the grand prix of the Americas, which would take place in New Jersey in 2013 is finally postponed to 2014 ; the work proving to be longer than expected. the Gp should not be replaced on the calendar. 

* Kimi Raikkonen will be the brand Ambassador for the Finnish sport clothes brand "Makia Racing" .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korea Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "It was a difficult race that puts an end to a weekend that I am pleased with the progress. Indeed, I started from the dirty side of the track and we had doubts about the longevity of the tires without knowing the true pace of our rivals. We had special attention to these elements and we managed to get on the podium, which means that we were able to release a sigh of relief because it's true that Red Bull were the fastest of the weekend, but our goal was to finish just behind them, we did it. It is true that I lost the championship lead, but after reflection, six points is not much because there are still four races to do. We must not forget that we have passed in second position of the constructors and this is important because it means that our team is a strong point from now and until the end of the season. There are still a lot of points to score , a hundred exactly. We can therefore say that the road is still long and everything will depend on what we can evolve on the car. Do not forget that here we were closer to the Red Bull as in Singapore and in  Japan, we must continue in this direction. Three victories in a row by Vettel make me say he made a perfect weekend, I congratulate them, but all series come to an end, and so sooner or later it will happen something. We are in full fight for the title with a car that has never been the fastest, so it seems that we are able to do something good, don't you think?" 

*Felipe Massa: "after the Suzuka race, I have to say that this is again a fantastic race for me because I managed to have a super pace from the beginning to the end and I expect this to some extent as a result of what I saw on Friday with the behavior of the car which was very good. It is true that we cannot be sure of the course of the race, but this time everything went well and I managed to use 100 percent of the car, because for me it was important to finish ahead of Hamilton and Raikkonen. From there, I drove to my pace until the end, I was coming back on Alonso and I was there to help him, just as the team was done for me when I had a difficult time. In this second season, starting I probably find the best way to fly with this car and tires, now I take pleasure and I took maximum advantage because when you sit in the cockpit you must remember to it. With regard to my future, I think not specifically because it is the best approach, I love what I do and now I feel stronger. Do not lose sight that between here and the Grand Prix in India there is still much work to be done in particular to improve our skills. Hopefully developments will give us that little something that could be decisive in the title race ." 

Korea Gp : the race results

Korea Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "I must say that we have made a step forward from the Japan, to the position on the grid than our gap with the leader. One can see that our car is better suited for this type of circuit while it remains very similar to that of Suzuka. We still need to make progress and I know that we will have future developments and this as early as the next race in India. Nevertheless, it is not surprising to see the Red Bull front row, is not by chance, because they were the fastest in Q1 and Q2. My second relay in Q1 was not fast because I was paying attention not to damage my tires and I knew that I had to use them later in Q2. I think that tomorrow we can do a good race and I hope to win positions from the start but I am on the dirty side of the track so I risk losing a few . We showed that we had a good pace and this should allow us to stay with the leader. Our goal is to finish before Vettel, differences are so low that any point lost little to differentiate, so that I earn in upon him. I may lose the championship lead, and perhaps arrive at the last race with 24 points behind, but what counts is to be fighting for the title race to the Brazil, the title will be awarded only after the race. "Red Bull has a faster car but we have the best team." 

*Felipe Massa: "it's a pretty good qualifying session but it was not perfect. I made a few small errors that have made me lose time, but sixth place is not a disaster. The most important thing today is that we passed the Q2, which means from this point of view, we have made a significant step forward. In the past we have seen that we are faster in the race than in a single round, so I hope that history will repeat itself tomorrow to beat us with those who are ahead of us. In qualifying, there are at least two cars faster than us but the situation is different in the race. We need to find the right strategy in trying to get the most out of using tyres which seem to do too much to wear here. The first corner is tight here, so I hope to have a normal start. Grosjean near me?  I think he knows how he should behave, so I'm not worried."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Korea Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "it is difficult to say where we are compared to the others because today we essentially assessed our performance. The program was responsible, we evaluated different ideas on the set-up of the car and we have to wait for tomorrow to get a clearer idea of the situation. The track progressed well between the two sessions, it's a particularly important phenomenon here because there is almost no other races here so the track was dirty this morning. Hope that the situation will improve for tomorrow because it's always more fun to drive on a track that offers a good level of grip. The most demanding part of the circuit is certainly the third sector, most courses on the timesheet, but there are many turns. The choice of settings is dictated mainly on the behaviour of the car in third sector while the other two are pretty easy to manage." 

*Felipe Massa: "I will say that this weekend started well and the most important thing is to continue like this until Sunday because it's that day that points are awarded . Our car looks very good on this track, which allows me to have good hopes even if we'll discover the reality only tomorrow in qualifying. From what we were able to see this afternoon in the second session , the difference between the two gums is not great but it seems that we are comfortable with both, and regardless of the fuel level. Now we should also prepare us as good as possible for qualifications that will be very tight because there is a strong rivalry and we must do everything perfectly if we want to be able to be in front."

Korea Gp : FP2

Korea Gp : FP1

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korea Gp : Fernando Alonso Thursday press conference

Question: Can you tell us the importance of a good result this week-end? 

Fernando Alonso: "I think that we need the points this weekend, but the situation will be the same for all the drivers, so it's not so severe as that.

Question: You must do this for the last five races. 

Fernando Alonso: "I think we knew it would be difficult from the beginning of the season so nothing changed for the five final races, we must do what we have already done so far. I think that it is almost a perfect Championship with good separations, strategic choices and a good approach to racing. We always maximized what we had in the hands with only two problems at Spa and Suzuka but things were not related to our team , so I think that we should not change our approach." 

Question: Your team provided updates and do you think that this will be enough to fight against the Red Bull? 

Fernando Alonso: "we have many changes and it is obvious that we will try to put them in place just four days after Suzuka so we will try to have the best possible car for this race and be competitive, I am pretty confident." 
We were more or less fast during the last eight races, we were not the fastest but probably enough to fight for the podium, I do not think that here will be really different."

Question: Do you think that Raikkonen owes you an apology? 

Fernando Alonso: "no because it was at the start of the race and Suzuka first turns are tight and that's the problem of starting in the middle of the group, I had Button on my right and Raikkonen on my left, it cannot slip away." It's a shame because I struck the front wing of Raikkonen which punctured my rear tyre and after I could no longer roll, I do not think that it was his fault, there are five races and everything can happen to others." 

Question: With only four points, you can no longer manage, should your strategic approach change for the last races? Will you attack more? 

Fernando Alonso: "we have been in great struggle in all the races, we fought the most of our opportunities. Sometimes we were on the podium, occasionally 4th or 5th and this will not change now. As I said, we have lost many points in the last four races with abandon at Spa, and I could not do anything and at Monza my problem in Q3 and I left tenth at Suzuka, we had a puncture at the beginning, from the first corner. We really lost a lot of points, I think that it is unfortunate situations. Things can change quickly , there are ups and downs. We hope that our bad run will end and we will now attack a good race until the end of the Championship series." 

Question: As you like cycling, what are scandals affecting Lance Armstrong have touched you in your love for this sport? 

Fernando Alonso: "I love cycling, I love bikes and Armstrong was much stronger than the others, a kind of Idol for many people and target for the media. Apart of that he will stay a model for many people." 

Question: The chances of Lewis Hamilton seem to decrease, what is your opinion? 

Fernando Alonso: "I do not know how many points he has but he's behind and I think it will be more difficult for him because now there's not only a single driver to handle and it should make up many points. We are two pilots in mind and he is behind, that diminishes his chances. If we look at the performance of McLaren and the number of remaining races, I think that there's still every chance."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Japan Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "today we were unlucky because finish the race after only a turn it is unfortunate. My contact with Raikkonen caused a flat tire on my left rear tyre, these things may happen but it's a shame because our car is generally good in the race. Massa has made a great Gp , he was tenth and did a perfect race, he fought with the fastest cars. But this result breaks the advantage I had, and as I said several times, for this situation to five races, if had asked my agreement at the beginning of the season I would have accepted ! 
We are working on the development of the car and I'm not worried because we must respond to return on the best, we have now a kind of looming mini Championship , with five races so the goal will be to score a maximum of points, more than the others. What happened to me today can happen to others, the wheel turns and all races are different." 

*Felipe Massa: "it was a fantastic race ! Being back on the podium after two years is just great and I really feel on top. It was two difficult years for me, and sometimes, millions of things going on in your mind, some are bad, but in the end, I am pleased! This is an important outcome psychologically and also with regard to my future, at least I think so. It's even better back up on the podium here, on a track that I like and where I knew the beginning of my career. Sometimes in hard moments occur the best things: the first people I want to thank are my family, my wife and my son. This race motivates me even more for the rest of the season.
 I'm very sorry for Fernando because I am convinced that today he might also have been on the podium. After what happened yesterday in Q2, I wasn't really in a good position. I made a good start, I managed to pass through the chaos of the 1st lap and I immediately felt that I had a good pace to keep contact with Button and Kobayashi. I overtook them during the pitstops with an excellent strategy and immediately, I realized that even with the hard tyres my pace was competitive. The team has done a great job and gave me a competitive car. 
Now we need to immediately focus on the race in Korea because with five races, everything is possible."

Japan Gp : the race results

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Japan Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "I cannot say anything else but that I am angry with yellow flags which arrived at the worst time, just when I arrived at the turn 14, my lap was good, I had everything and I could largely make the 4th fastest time of the day and therefore leave 3rd on the grid. The race will have a different image, but I have to accept what has happened and I was unlucky today so perhaps that we will have the chance tomorrow. We face adversaries who are very strong, Red Bull in front and McLaren who are behind, we have to keep an eye on both sides of the track. I expect a tough race and the first objective will be to finish the race to bring points. We tried new settings this morning, but eventually we returned to those of yesterday. I'm much more optimistic about tomorrow than I am today because our race pace is generally better than our performance on a single lap , let's hope it will be the case." 

*Felipe Massa: "I am very disappointed with the way things have gone. Until Q2 everything was fine: the car was very fast and I was satisfied with its balance. But suddenly, once we have the new soft tire train , I lost grip at the front, at the first corner and I failed to find it . I missed Q3 by 21 thousandths . It's very frustrating of not being able to get good results when you know that you can rely on a good car. This is certainly not easy to win positions on a track like that, but we will give everything and try to bring back a maximum of points at home."

Japan Gp : the grid

Friday, October 5, 2012

Japan Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "it was a pretty good day, I like driving here because this track is very beautiful and I really like coming here because of its characteristics and its fast corners, it reminds me a lot Spa. The feeling at the end of the day is I do not think that temperatures will cause problems to the tires. We have done many races in hot conditions, but not so much given that Singapore was only two weeks ago and therefore we must do the same on tire management, the situation will be the same for everyone. It is difficult to say if we can be as competitive here at Silverstone, because there are three months that the race took place and the cars have changed and we do not know the characteristics of our rivals. We must wait until tomorrow because it is the Saturday that we understand better. For our small developments we have nothing special to say and we need to look a little more in detail the data." 

*Felipe Massa: "it's a positive day during which we completed our program and as usual Friday, we tried both types of tires made by Pirelli. It is difficult to say where we stand compared to our rivals and as usual it will take tomorrow to get a clearer picture of the situation. This afternoon we took long relays and we saw that the tires degradation is high enough, it will be not easy to choose the right strategy given that the balance of the car is medium, but we have failed to keep pace with others, there is still much 
room for us to improve , track changes quickly from one day to the other. I hope that tomorrow, the results will come because we have the potential to make a good race."

Japan Gp : FP2 results

Japan Gp : FP1 results