Sunday, October 28, 2012

India Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "we have tried to take advantage, but we could not fight against Red Bull and McLaren. Fifth place is not so bad because it is easy to be further on the grid and that something goes wrong. It is clear that to finish before Red Bull is our goal, but today
, it is impossible to fight against them, at least in qualifying: when we had a similar pace to their car it was possible to fight with Vettel, but now we are fighting against Newey and for the moment, we cannot fight. Here, we have brought new things that have worked as planned, but others have improved over the past two weeks. It is up to us to bring something more meaningful in the final three races. I'm not worried or unmotivated because I know that things can change quickly and the joy of Saturday can quickly turn into sadness on Sunday. We must try to win positions in the first round and put pressure on our rivals, without allowing them to make an easy race. It is clear I hope to have a more competitive car soon to be able to fight with them, even on Saturdays, not only on Sundays. I do not let go, this is my real benefit." 

*Felipe Massa: "I am really satisfied with this sixth place, but without my error in turn 6 in Q3, I could have started better positioned on the grid. In qualifying, the Red Bull was
 the faster, McLaren was in our time for a while but things in the race are different because we hope to be able to beat with four cars for the top positions. The key points of the racetomorrow
 will be many: departure, strategy and tyre degradation, of course it won't be making any mistakes. We have to be perfect because it will be a very long race. Today
, it was not easy to make a perfect lap because the track was very slippery. Here, we have made some changes that seem to work, but maybe not enough to close the delay on our rivals."

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