Tuesday, October 29, 2013

India GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "my problem with my front wing until I damaged it ruined my race, we had to change it immediately and with a stop further I didn't have the ability to trace, the fight was fierce.Webber hit someone and came on me, the turn 4 I also hit Button. As a result I had trouble with the car's steering , it was difficult on the right turns, the only thing to do was to return to the pits.In the end, if you look at the race of Webber or Perez we can say that our strategy was correct, because when the others returned to the pits, they were at the top, but it is true that it went well for those who started in soft.I would like to congratulate Vettel, because he has been the best this year and he won. However I am sad to not have scored points in the fight for second place in the constructors ranking , but now we have come back on Mercedes. We must absolutely do better in the next races and aim for the podium, at least with one of our cars ."

Felipe Massa: "it was a great race and I'm very happy, because the strategy worked. I managed to still run at a good pace, even with the soft tyres. Here, I could have fought to the podium, but the track has evolved, certain cars as Grosjean in the Lotus, have managed to make one stop, which was impossible for us. I lost a position with Rosberg, at the beginning of his second stop, but I have to be happy today because we did no error. We lost second place in the constructors standings, because Mercedes was very fast and we are well aware that, even if it won't be easy, there are still three races and we will do our utmost to the end.I would like to congratulate Sebastian, who deserves all that he has done so far. I'm really happy for him, because he is a great driver and a very nice guy. From today, his name will be sitting alongside the greatest drivers in the history of F1 , as Senna, Schumacher and a few others."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

India GP : the race results

India GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "we planned prior to qualification what might be the best strategy, it was very difficult to choose between two options. With the use of soft tyres in Q3 we could hope a better starting position, but we opted instead for the midrange for a race without traffic, because if the soft compound confirmed its performance so far, those who chose this option will have to stop very early, around the sixth lap, then will meet behind the cars that will go until the thirtieth lap. It's true that at some point of the race, I'll have to put the soft ones, it means there will be a moment more difficult during which we will have to be prepared. Friday, with these tyres, I did fifteen or sixteen laps, but today, only three. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to determine now how it will be tomorrow, and only after the checkered flag, we will know what will have been the right strategy.What is good is that our two cars have different strategies, and Felipe and I should be able to help the team achieve second place in the constructors Championship , our priority."

Felipe Massa: "I am very satisfied with this performance even if my lap was not perfect. Indeed, I have unfortunately lost time in the second sector what probably made me lose one or two positions, but the goal is to do my best tomorrow.Unlike my teammate and other cars I made the choice to leave with the soft tyres because at the Nurburgring I made a choice that did not pay and so it will be interesting to see who has chosen the best strategy, we will see after the first relay.Everything will depend on the tyres, medium ones seemed well resist but the evolution of the track can change the soft limit degradation and those who have made other choices may be correct.I'll try to pass Webber initially, enjoying the advantage of the soft tyres, I really hope that my decision is good and this will allow me to have a good race."

India GP : the grid

India GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it was a Friday like the others, I had a mechanical problem this morning which reduced my time on track but fortunately this has little affected the programme during the first free practice session whose goal is to get used to the track. It's always important to have the right feeling on a circuit and to try the tyres that are very important here. We also got a first idea of what will be our race pace and the level of degradation of the same tyres if the track will be very different Sunday of what it currently is.The situation is not really different of the last races because we have a little delay on the performance and tomorrow we will have to do everything to be well positioned for the start , the objective is to finish on the podium."

Felipe Massa: "it was a positive day and I hope that Sunday it will be even better because the car worked well. I love this track. In my first lap in soft tyres I have not managed to establish a good time due to traffic.Nevertheless, I am pleased of the race simulation I did with medium tyres . I managed to do a lot of laps and it's something important for the race. Degradation is large enough but not too much so I think that we won't have many pit stops even though you have to be careful with the soft tyres.I think that Red Bull will continue to beat everyone but we have to see what will make the other cars especially in qualifying because the Mercedes and the Lotus seem very fast but as usual we will do our maximum."

India GP : FP2 results

India GP : FP1 results

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fernando Alonso new helmet for India GP

Fernando Alonso will wear a new helmet during this weekend to celebrate his points world record acquired in Japan(1571 points) ! Congrats !

Monday, October 21, 2013

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "the fourth place was the maximum that we could do today, the three before me were really out of reach and taking into account our starting position and the way in which the race took place, in general, I'm happy. It was an action-packed race and even though we have suffered with traffic, degradation was more normal than in Korea and we were back with a good pace. Certainly, we need to find something more if we want to finish on the podium in all four next races.Today, Mercedes had some problems and we won some important points, but we must give everything if we want to stay second in the ranking of manufacturers, because they are not far behind.I am very proud to have become the driver with the most points in the history of this sport, although in recent years, with the transition to this system of points, you win more. Now I want to celebrate this and think about the next race in India. This one is already the past."

Felipe Massa: "it was a really tough race especially with the drive through which destroyed my race and my chances to sign a good result. But it's my fault, I did not pay attention to my speed(in the pits), this is the first time that this happens to me and it's a shame because in the first stint of the race I had a good pace.After my penalty I was stuck in traffic and cars that made a third stop at the end of race overtook me easily thanks to their fresher tyres . It is obvious that I'm disappointed because without this error I could have done a good result. In the remaining races we must continue to fight and I hope that we can be competitive quickly starting with the India GP."

Japan GP : the race results

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "today's result is more or less what we expected, we do not have the rate since the start of the weekend. Our times were always between the 6th and 10th place and that even in Q3, I couldn't do more.Our tests on the long relay went better than  in Korea on the tyres degradation which gives us best hopes to move up in the race tomorrow. However, we should give the best of us, as always based on our strengths which are the strategy and our tyre management.The goal is not to finish in the top eight to keep our chances of world title because even if Vettel doesn't win here he will do in the next races, the aim is therefore to score maximum points in the fight at the second place in the constructors Championship and for this we need to finish before the Mercedes . We have only one point to advance them .

Felipe Massa: "I managed to make a perfect lap on this amazing track and this result is so satisfying, it reminds me my qualifications here in 2006, even if it was only a fifth place, we'll need a good start tomorrow.Yesterday I was comfortable with the balance of the car and today we made good work to get all the potential of the car, do better wasn't possible, so I'm very happy.Obviously, the race of tomorrow won't be easy because the cars ahead of us are very fast, but we should be up and have a good strategy and a good tyre management. A good result? This will depend on our pace, last year I finished second here and I'll try to remember how I did that."

Japan GP : the grid

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it is difficult for me to speak of María de Villota, I learned the bad news when I removed my helmet and I still can't believe it, I need some time to understand and reflect.Of course it is sad news for Motorsport, Maria was loved by everyone, but the only thing we can do is to pray for her and her family.(ed : Maria de Villota , previous Marussia test driver , has been found dead in her hotel room in Sevilla where she was to present her new book)
With regard to this weekend, we were not as competitive as we wanted to be and we need to understand why and try to improve ourselves with a serie of changes, we already have a few ideas. Happily in my head to tail I have not damaged tyres.Still on the tyres we managed to use them on the long relay with a full fuel load even if I lost a few tenths in the early laps. I hope to be able to get a clean lap and be ahead of the Toro Rosso as the McLaren cars, they must not be in front of us as it was the case today."

Felipe Massa: "today we did our utmost and we completed our program. It is difficult to know our true level of performance against our rivals but it seems there has a lot of fast cars .I hope to have a faster car tomorrow to fight with those who are ahead of us, we will certainly be able to progress in the preparation of the qualifications, but points are awarded Sunday.It is always nice to be at Suzuka which is a fantastic track, one of the most beautiful of the season."

Japan GP : FP2 results

Japan GP : FP1 results

Friday, October 11, 2013

Japan GP : a victory for Fernando Alonso this weekend ?

"My last victory dates back to 2008. It is already 5 years, and this was at Fuji. However, my best memory dates back to 2006, this is my only victory at Suzuka. It has also been very important in my fight for the title (with Renault) at that time,"recalls the Ferrari driver.
"Suzuka is really a very, very good circuit to drive, especially the first sector with fast Esses. It's a track that must be taken aggressively, definitely. Aerodynamic is playing an essential role because there are a lot of high speed corners and therefore it must be perfect to be quick at Suzuka."
Alonso will keep an eye on the sky. Showers could allow him to win."The changing weather is also a parameter that can make a very demanding race for drivers such as engineers. A race in the rain could help us to beat Red Bull, even if Vettel is also very good under the rain."
"Next year, with Kimi, I think we can make a very good Championship for Ferrari, trying to score again as many points as possible but I think that in terms of pure performance Felipe is not slower. When they ran together Felipe was also faster than Kimi. Anyway, if we have a competitive car, we will enjoy both and we will do very good things. If we do not have a competitive car, it will be very similar to this season, I think... "
As 2013 title is almost lost , the Spanish driver has therefore changed his lens . His goal is now to secure the 2nd place in the Championship, which should also secure the 2nd place for Ferrari in front of Mercedes. Both teams are separated by a single point  while Lotus also catching some points : "For the remaining races, we will try to do our best, trying to score as many points as possible since winning the Championship has become almost impossible. We will try to do good races, attacking all the time and also fighting for the constructors championship. There is very little difference between us and Mercedes so we must continue to give everything . We must also be wary of Lotus, which has recovered some points more than us in Korea. We need to score - Felipe and I - as many points as possible in the remaining races."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fernando Alonso interview on French TV Canal+

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Translation of the last part when Fernando is speaking French : "Being 1 time world champion with Ferrari ? It is never enough, but it's sure I want to win for the sensation to be in the team history."

2014 winter and private testing program

*winter testing dates :

-28 to 31 January 2014 : Jerez de la Frontera
-19 to 22 January : Bahrain Sakhir circuit
-27 February to 2 March : Bahrain Sakhir circuit

*From next year, 8 days of private testing will be allowed by the FIA once the season will start . They must be held just after a Grand Prix at the same circuit.The teams decided to have these days after the following GPs : Bahrain , Barcelona, Silverstone and Abu Dhabi.
Teams will drive every time on Tuesday and Wednesday after the Grand Prix . 

22 races in 2014 : the official 2014 F1 season calendar

Monday, October 7, 2013

La Gazzetta de Ferrari

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "we knew that today it would be a tough race and unfortunately results have confirmed this feeling that we had on Friday with some problems on long relays and the tyres degradation which was badly managed. We have qualifications in the standard of those of this season but this was not the case of the race. In fact we were not able to overtake the Sauber and I had a tiring race for my tyres. For what happened to Massa, it's a shame, for my part it's OK because there was the place and I think someone touched him, I tried to avoid him and I continued because despite the contact , it has not affected my race and I was already behind Hulkenberg.Now we must look at Suzuka and think about getting back on the podium and regain the form that allows us to fight on Sunday. Vettel has a lot of advance it will be almost impossible, we cannot rely only on miracles in all the races, our new goal is the second place in the constructors championship, we will not give up and fight until the end."

Felipe Massa: "today's race was very complicated, my chances of getting a good result have been wiped out in the first lap when I found myself in the middle of a fight, I decided to go inside to try to slow down later.Unfortunately, some cars were slower and to avoid a contact with a Mercedes, I was forced to shift me to the right and I went to head to tail. Fortunately there was no accident but at this time there, I had to deal with a race being last.Thanks to some beautiful overruns, I still managed to bring points to the team, today, we were not competitive, there were at least three or four teams faster than us, including Sauber, but I hope that it depended mainly of the track and I hope that our car can better adapt to Suzuka."

Korea GP : the race results

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Korea GP : the grid

To note :

-Mark Webber has a 10 grid penalty due to his 3rd reprimand obtained in Singapore

-Jules Bianchi has a 3 grid penalty because he has blocked Paul DiResta in qualifications

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: 'I'm not surprised by the result because in terms of pure performance , Saturday is a difficult day for us and will be until the end of the season. Usually on Sunday things are better and our goal is always to get on the podium and this has happened in the last few races. However, this weekend seems more difficult than usual because so far we have always had a good rhythm in the race but yesterday we suffered on long relays which means that tomorrow it will be difficult, we absolutely need to find a solution.We have some problems with the tyres, we are unable to manage them , there's a lot of graining and if you attack too hard on the first sector the end of the lap is difficult, therefore, we need to find the right compromise , our engineers will find a solution, knowing that the best strategy seems to be on one or two stops.Given the conduct things in the dry, the rain could redistribute the cards, so we have nothing to lose, we must be prepared for this eventuality."

Felipe Massa: "I can't be happy with this result because I was expecting to be closer to our rivals in Singapore but this is not the case because Red Bull and Mercedes are largely ahead of us, and we have not managed to get the best out of our car.Tomorrow I hope to be more competitive but the race won't be easy and the degradation of the super soft is important while other cars seem to best manage them than us. We are going to do the first relay on these tyres, we will decide at that time to put the medium ones who seem to be the best choice. Apart from Red Bull, Mercedes and a Lotus before us, we must be careful regarding others which will be close and it will be important to have a good start and try to attack up to mark a max of points. It would be great to get on the podium but will need us a lot of luck."

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "impressions are correct for a Friday, we will have to wait until tomorrow and see how we will be in qualifying.On this track it's aerodynamics that made a difference so for this reason I don't expect great surprises for the rest of the weekend compared to Singapour. In concern of the performance we're here where we were in Singapore, and we can expect a tough race. The difference between the two types of tyres is not so obvious as to Singapore but the super soft degrades quickly but we will have to see if the evolution of the track fixes this worries. It won't be easy for us to do a good weekend but we can do it Sunday. Now, we try to get the best out of our car to get the best of tomorrow and for the race."

Felipe Massa: "it was a pretty good day, just worked as expected and I had a good feeling with the car. In the morning I couldn't do a lot of laps due to a puncture in the left front tyre . Lost time has been caught up in the afternoon and we completed our program . The car did manage the two types of tyres even though on the super soft we faced significant degradation. On a first lap with new tyres we are gaining a lot with these tyres but after it's more difficult, the graining seems more important than with the medium tyres . However it's only Friday and we still need to understand where we are compared to our rivals because we saw that Mercedes and Red Bull are very strong, I hope to have a more competitive car during the last races which will allow me to fight for good positions."

Korea GP : FP2 results

Korea GP : FP1 results