Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hungary GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "finish fifth is probably what we could do better because Mercedes, Lotus and Red Bull were faster than us, things that we had already seen this Friday.This race ends in a month of July which was very difficult for us with this race but also those of Silverstone and Nürburgring which were part of a series in which we were not at the height . However, looking at the points won we have not lost too much points, Hamilton and Raikkonen helped us to avoid seeing Vettel too soar.Now our goal is to work hard to go to Spa and Monza with a much competitive car knowing that there are still nine races and the points available are much more than enough.The team can do it, I know we have the potential so I don't see why we can't do everything to fight until the end of the Championship as we have always done."

Felipe Massa: "it was a difficult race from the beginning to the end because of the first lap I hit Rosberg and I lost the left side of my front wing. Change my wing would have been a big loss of time so we decided to not do it but the balance of the car was never the same and so I lost a lot of performance, and the tyres have deteriorated faster than-usual.I can't be happy with this 8th place because we lacked pace in qualifying and the race, we were not quick enough to aim for victory and for various reasons.Already this track does not suit our car, but we must now be concentrated 100% from now and working to the maximum on the development of the car and on the preparation of the second part of the Championship, so I hope that we can be more competitive."

Hungary GP : the race results

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hungary GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "this 5th position is a  good news after difficult weekend like those of Silverstone and the Nuburgring and especially after seeing the results of our day yesterday with a race pace which gave us some doubt.Thanks to the evolution of the settings we were much more competitive today and with the aerodynamic changes designed to find the best pure performance.Our grip level improved and now we need to examine all the elements to try to win some positions initially knowing that we start from the clean side and this should help here.It is difficult to overtake on this circuit, so we must not let Vettel earn points on us, the strategy will be very open and new tyres on this very hot asphalt suggest that we should change our policy at any time.The podium is always our goal and we think we can do it even if we know that this will not be easy because the cars that are before us are very fast."

Felipe Massa: "the qualifications of today were really very complicated and the result is below our expectations because Alonso and I have strong attack without making mistakes and we were not able to fight for the front lines. We are aware that these qualifications is our weak point and it is for this reason that we must remain focused on a race that won't be easy with high temperatures which will have an impact on the behaviour of the tyres of the car and on the performance of drivers. Overtaking here is virtually impossible unless the car in front of you makes errors so I hope to have a race pace which will let me gain positions and score points which are so important."

Hungary GP : the grid

Hungary GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "as often on Fridays we have managed to have an idea of the rhythm that we should have for the race and the weather conditions should be similar to those of today, so we need to analyze it.We must look at the strategies and program of the other teams to understand where we are. Type of tyres has not changed and we can count on the experience of the last year, these tyres are the same for everyone. We must do better than our rivals and soon as possible understand the tyres. Here more than elsewhere, starting from the front is important and it is for this reason that I think that everyone will optimize the qualifications even if it means sacrifices a little bit the race."

Felipe Massa: "everything went well today and we did all the planned programme, the car seemed rather competitive and long relays have given positive results, which is a very important factor for the rest of the weekend. Now we have to decide which solutions to use for qualifying and the race knowing that on this track, it is very important to start well place on the starting grid, so we will do our best for it.It will be difficult for everyone, overtaking is almost impossible here and in addition to this there will be very high temperatures and be really attentive to it to get the most out of our car."

Hungary GP : FP2 results

Hungary GP : FP1 results

News of the week part 2

* James Allison will join Ferrari in 2014, this arrival should strengthen the technical department of the Scuderia 

* the Austria GP should return in 2014 on the circuit of the A1 Ring, now renamed Red Bull Ring, and should take place from 4 to 6 July 2014.

* Furthermore, the Russian GP has a date: it should take place on October 19, 2014.

* the Fia decided that any driver who would loose a wheel during free practices , qualifying or race would be penalized of 10 places on the grid for the current GP or the next one (if the facts unfold during the race) 

* Pirelli announced the tyres to be used for the next 3 races:
-medium and hard for Spa 
-medium and hard for Monza 
-medium and supersoft for Singapore

News of the week part 1

* In 2014 , Marussia will have Ferrari  motorisation

* Pat Symonds will leave Marussia for Williams in 2014.

* Red Bull has indicated its preference for the driver that will replace Mark Webber next year: it should be played between Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silverstone tests 3rd day : Felipe Massa and Davide Rigon quotes

Felipe Massa : "I find that the tyres are working better at least compared to what we had seen here three weeks ago. During these three days, nobody had problems with the tyres and so with security, this is the most important thing. The hard tyres seemed much too difficult to use, and I think that on the next Grands Prix we will move towards softer choices because they can work at fairly low temperatures during more time. The temperatures had a significant effect on our car, here it does not help us ; really hope it will be better with warmer temperatures in Hungary. We need more aerodynamic support and we hope to be competitive through good developments."

Davide Rigon : "these three days have been positive, I did not made errors , and I learned a lot of things. I hope that all this work will have given the team some useful data and perhaps help in the preparation of the next races. Yet once today we do not sought performance over time. We have worked on the settings for new tyres and all information has been provided to colleagues working on the Simulator, I think that these tests have well helped me for my personal experience."

Silverstone tests : 3rd day results

Silverstone tests : 3rd day program

Red Bull: Carlos Sainz Jr (morning) and Sebastian Vettel (afternoon) Ferrari: Felipe Massa (morning) and Davide Rigon (afternoon) 
McLaren: Gary Paffett 
Lotus: Nicolas Prost 
Sauber: NAJ Sato 
Force India: Adrian Sutil 
Williams: Susie Wolff 
Toro Rosso: Jean-Éric Vergne (morning) and Daniil Kvyat (afternoon) 
Caterham: Giedo Van der Garde (morning) and Charles Pic (afternoon) 
Marussia: Rodolfo González (morning) and Jules Bianchi (afternoon)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silverstone tests day 2 : Davide Rigon quotes

"We continued the program started yesterday, including the evaluation of different aerodynamic configurations,"

"It is only this afternoon that we have worked on the evaluation of hard and soft tyres. Once more, we have not sought the performance. We have instead tried to collect useful data that will help us for the rest of the season."
"Compared to yesterday, I had a better feeling at the wheel of the car and I'm also used to the circuit. Thanks to it and thanks to the work of the entire team, I could follow the program with more confidence ."

Silverstone tests : 2nd day results

Silverstone tests : 2nd day program

Red Bull: Antonio Felix Da Costa (morning) and Daniel Ricciardo (afternoon) 
Ferrari: Davide Rigon
McLaren: Oliver Turvey
Lotus: Davide Valsecchi
Sauber: Robin Frijns (morning) and Nico Hulkenberg (afternoon)
Force India: James Calado (morning) and Paul di Resta (afternoon)
Williams: Pastor Maldonado (morning) and Daniel Juncadella (afternoon)
Toro Rosso: Daniel Ricciardo (morning) and Carlos Sainz Jr (afternoon)
Caterham: Will Stevens
Marussia: Rodolfo González

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Silverstone tests : Davide Rigon quotes for Ferrari

Davide Rigon : "We did a lot of work today with special attention on the grip of the car because I didn't drive an F1 car apart a day of test in Barcelona recently. I've already driven here in GT but in F1 it is totally different.We weren't searching for performance but we especially worked on the acquisition of data and the comparison of different aero solutions which was a very important part when I was working on the Simulator, however we did not make long relays. Compared to last year at Magny-Cours, the requirements are quite different and more loaded program but I am pleased to take on this responsibility and I am grateful to the team for the trust they make me, I really hope to be useful."

Silverstone tests : 1st day results

Silverstone tests : program of the day

Drivers who took part of the Silverstone test today :

 Red Bull : Antonio Felix Da Costa (morning) & Daniel Ricciardo (afternoon)

Ferrari : Davide Rigon

McLaren : Kevin Magnussen

Lotus : Nicolas Prost

Sauber : Robin Frijns

Force India : James Calado (morning) & Paul di Resta (afternoon)

Williams : Daniel Juncadella

Toro Rosso : Johnny Cecotto

Caterham : Alexander Rossi

Marussia : Tio Ellinas (morning) et Max Chilton (afternoon)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Germany GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it was a tough race because we were not among the fastest and thus not competitive enough. In the first relay we paid the price for old tyres because as early as the 12th lap , it was already over and we lost time and part of the advantage of our strategic choice.Although we had hoped to get on the podium, we finish within eight seconds behind Vettel which is encouraging. The team did its utmost to make possible the most competitive car, with many developments, today we can say we ruled out many doubts and we learned about the areas to push the development. When we arrived  here, the importance of testing at Silverstone seemed irrelevant as the official drivers had the opportunity to try the tyres , but FIA decided that everyone could test changes, which gives more meaning to this, if the team asks me I'll be there!"

Felipe Massa: "I'm really disappointed of my race, especially after having been well all weekend. At the beginning of the fourth lap, when I was in the right line and I braked, the rear wheels blocked and I have not been able to avoid stopping the car .When I stopped , 5th speed has been blocked and the engine was off. This is very strange, but the team didn't find any default at the moment. The passage to the medium tyres today was not what we expected after Friday testing, but perhaps it is due to different factors such as the temperature rise which has made a difference.Now, I want to concentrate on the next race and try to do my best."

Germany GP : the race results

Germany GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "the strategy that we used today was dictated by looking at our average rate of qualifications, given that the pole was not possible, and that we were apparently predestined from fifth or sixth with the soft tyres, we have preferred starting seventh or eighth with mediums tyres . We will know tomorrow if we made the right choice.
Here it is not important to start on soft tyres because they degrade very quickly, from the 8 laps . In times like these, we'll attack as if we were doing qualifications during every lap .
During the weekend we were on average six tenths behind, but compared with Silverstone we can say that we are returning to a normal situation, able to fight with the leaders. Of course, we still have to improve many things, but in the race we believe we can do good things, not to mention the choice of tyres and the starting positions, this will be the fastest that will win."

Felipe Massa: "in terms of performance, it was a good qualification, even if we have opted for a completely different strategy of teams facing on the grid. The car worked very well with the soft tyres, we were very competitive, much more than at Silverstone, where we suffered with both compounds, but even with that, we could not finish beyond the 4th or 5th place.
When I saw that I was first at the end of Q1 and Q2, I wanted to fight until the end, but we have based on simulations of the tryouts, we believe that this choice is the right direction.
It is difficult to think that we can immediately win positions but we saw yesterday that the Softs degrade after a few laps, which could be to our advantage. If the car is behaving well and that we have a good race, we could get a really fantastic result."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Germany GP : the grid

Germany GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "today was better than last Friday and even though we still have a long way to go, generally it seems we have made quite a good step forward and found the level of competitiveness that we had before Silverstone. one of the positives is the behaviour of the tyres which worked well today and are not problems. Unfortunately, we lost an hour and thirty minutes of testing in the first session due to a programming problem on the electronic box that we then changed. This reduced by half our work programme but we already have an idea of the changes, more Mercedes, Red Bull and Lotus seem ahead of us and we want to do something better than to be the 3rd or 4th weekend force."

Felipe Massa: "it was a very busy day because we had a lot of things to test, and we have done as much as possible in order to complete the program with the evaluation of the Pirelli tyres and long relays.There is a big difference between the two types of tyres with large soft compared to media degradation so it will be interesting to see what will be the influence on the race . As usual, the choice of strategy is important knowing that qualifications remain our weak point, because generally we are not competitive enough, much less than in the race, this is why we do everything we can to try to move as close as possible to the pole position.On the long relay, the car behaved well so I am very confident for Sunday."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pirelli tyres news

Shortly after the victory of Nico Rosberg in Silverstone , majority of the grid raised its voice against Pirelli as Sergio Perez who "risks his life" or even Lewis Hamilton who considers unacceptable this situation. Jenson Button, his former teammate, wants to change the situation quickly . Felipe Massa is ready to boycott the next GP in Germany if nothing changes !

Pirelli confirms that in Germany, this Sunday, the teams will run with tyres tested during the free practices in Canada, with Kevlar belt. Later , for the Hungary GP , Pirelli will offer new tyres , which will combine the 2012 structures to 2013 gums. These new tyres will be tested by the drivers during the tests(initially called Rookie days) provided at Silverstone from 17 to 19 July. the Fia will put one of its observers in each team to ensure that teams test only tyres .
The Fia also decided that a test session will be organised immediately after the last round of the Championship, in Brazil to test 2014 prototype tyres .
Pirelli has revealed the causes of many punctures during the Silverstone GP.  
Here they are:
-the reversion of rear left and rear right tyres  
-underinflation of the tyres
-excessive angle of camber
-kerb at the turn number 4 with a too abrasive surface
Finally, the Spanish newspaper Marca relayed a rumor that Pirelli would have changed the structure of its tires at Silverstone without informing the teams ! Indeed, Mclaren and Sauber have collected pieces of tires directly on the track and these pieces would contain pieces of kevIar, material that does not appear in the 2013 tires ! This information was contradicted by Pirelli. 

Silverstone GP : Fernando Alonso podium pics

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silverstone GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "If this morning one told me that I'd been on the podium I would have not believed it ! Yesterday in qualifying we finished behind and our goal for this race was the 5th or 6th position hoping to earn the most points possible.
We can say that we have been lucky on different occasions, initially with Perez, at the first stop where my tires came at the end at the last turn and then the retirement of Vettel.
After a difficult weekend it was unimaginable to recover as much, now we must try to improve ourselves. We will understand only in Germany if we have taken a step backwards or if all that has happened so far is an isolated case.
Until the Canada GP, we have seen a Ferrari able to fight for the podium, that suffered a bit in qualifying but we had a great pace in the race and the goal now, is to return to these conditions."

Felipe Massa: "I am very satisfied with my race with perfect weather conditions. I think having a fantastic start and a perfect first round, arguably the best in my career, I was able to attack.
In the 10th round, I was in the middle of the turn 5 and my left rear tyre exploded, I was forced to return to the pits, I found myself last and I started making a big comeback with many and beautiful overtakings.
Without my problem I think that I would have had the opportunity to be on the podium because I had a good feeling with the car, Alonso and me are put together little by little in the standings and he fought with the leaders.
Now we need to look at security because I do not know what really past today , but it is unacceptable to drive without feeling safe, fortunately nothing serious has happened, but what we have seen is very dangerous.
I already had this kind of problem, twice in Bahrain and I am sure that if no decision is soon taken, then there may be a big problem.
For the Nürburgring, it is a track that I like and I hope to find a much more competitive car upon which would allow me to go ahead and make another good race."

Silverstone GP : the race results