Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silverstone GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "If this morning one told me that I'd been on the podium I would have not believed it ! Yesterday in qualifying we finished behind and our goal for this race was the 5th or 6th position hoping to earn the most points possible.
We can say that we have been lucky on different occasions, initially with Perez, at the first stop where my tires came at the end at the last turn and then the retirement of Vettel.
After a difficult weekend it was unimaginable to recover as much, now we must try to improve ourselves. We will understand only in Germany if we have taken a step backwards or if all that has happened so far is an isolated case.
Until the Canada GP, we have seen a Ferrari able to fight for the podium, that suffered a bit in qualifying but we had a great pace in the race and the goal now, is to return to these conditions."

Felipe Massa: "I am very satisfied with my race with perfect weather conditions. I think having a fantastic start and a perfect first round, arguably the best in my career, I was able to attack.
In the 10th round, I was in the middle of the turn 5 and my left rear tyre exploded, I was forced to return to the pits, I found myself last and I started making a big comeback with many and beautiful overtakings.
Without my problem I think that I would have had the opportunity to be on the podium because I had a good feeling with the car, Alonso and me are put together little by little in the standings and he fought with the leaders.
Now we need to look at security because I do not know what really past today , but it is unacceptable to drive without feeling safe, fortunately nothing serious has happened, but what we have seen is very dangerous.
I already had this kind of problem, twice in Bahrain and I am sure that if no decision is soon taken, then there may be a big problem.
For the Nürburgring, it is a track that I like and I hope to find a much more competitive car upon which would allow me to go ahead and make another good race."

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