Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silverstone tests 3rd day : Felipe Massa and Davide Rigon quotes

Felipe Massa : "I find that the tyres are working better at least compared to what we had seen here three weeks ago. During these three days, nobody had problems with the tyres and so with security, this is the most important thing. The hard tyres seemed much too difficult to use, and I think that on the next Grands Prix we will move towards softer choices because they can work at fairly low temperatures during more time. The temperatures had a significant effect on our car, here it does not help us ; really hope it will be better with warmer temperatures in Hungary. We need more aerodynamic support and we hope to be competitive through good developments."

Davide Rigon : "these three days have been positive, I did not made errors , and I learned a lot of things. I hope that all this work will have given the team some useful data and perhaps help in the preparation of the next races. Yet once today we do not sought performance over time. We have worked on the settings for new tyres and all information has been provided to colleagues working on the Simulator, I think that these tests have well helped me for my personal experience."

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