Monday, July 30, 2012

pics of Fernando Alonso birthday party in Hungary !

Fernando Alonso celebrated yesterday his 31st birthday  and Ferrari organised for him a birthday party  in their motorhome !

                   happy birthday Fernando !

Hungary Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "it is a positive result, no doubt. We knew that it would be a difficult weekend because we were not fast enough, but in any event, we are able to extend the advance on Webber. In the Championship, we had a good weekend. To have success in such conditions, we had to be in front of the Red Bull, by keeping them behind since the paper he was seventh. Hamilto has been inaccessible for us this weekend, but we have not lost much ground to Vettel and these are, in my view, our main rivals among the group which is behind me in the ranking. We have made the right choices in terms of strategy: it is true that I lost a bit of time behind Perez, which cost me a position in favour of Raikkonen but the Finn was probably too fast this afternoon. We still have a 40-point lead, while we didn't have the best car to this point of the season. Now, we are trying to make great work in terms of performance to allow us to keep the top of the championship , because what we have now, in the long term, will not be enough. If we are at this point, it is because we have always made out the best of us and what we had, and because we had excellent reliability: If you do not have it, you are not in the points at the end of 23 consecutive races. The month of July has been a difficult and stressful month with three races and a lot of work at the plant. Now, I want to go a little bit in holiday to completely recharge the batteries, and make sure to be fully prepared for Spa, with the hope that the second part of the season is also positive and productive than the first. We have five weeks to rest and work, look to the future before again by two very difficult races like Spa and Monza." 

* Felipe Massa: "this race was ruined at the beginning when I have skated the wheels, perhaps because the clutch that has overheated: there I lost these two positions I could not recover. On this track , overtakings are very difficult, and even if at some point in the second half of the race I was faster than Webber and Senna, I had no opportunity to overtake. This was therefore not a beautiful race for me but I have at the least points  to bring home . Silverstone and Hockenheim, we had a competitive rate, close to the best, here it was not the case what has certainly made the week-end difficult for us. Of course, this first part of the season was not good for me, but today, I'm certainly better off than at the beginning and I am sure that the second part will be better. My contract? Until the situation is clear, there is nothing to say! I'm concentrated to try to make good results in the next races, this is my first goal."

Hungary Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "we expected very difficult qualifications and this is what happened. We saw eight cars very competitive and therefore, nothing that join Q3 was difficult in itself. We did and we even managed to slightly improve the behaviour of the car in the last part, working on the pressure of the tires and the front spoiler. We have never managed the perfect tour, we lost tenths in a few turns handles. The wind was stronger than this morning and I think that he took a little everybody by surprise. Everything considered, the 6th place is not a bad result, far from it. It is true that the exceedances are not simple here but tomorrow it can still raining and we know that anything can change. There is the unknown factor concerning the behaviour of the tyres, because yesterday person has been able to really test on long term. We have to be very concentrated, particularly in how we manage the tires. On the dry track, we are not yet in a position to fight for the top positions and we are well aware of this. Usually, in the race, the situation improves and we hope to finish in the top 4 or 5 when we will take the chequered flag. Our goal will be to control our closest rival in the standings and we will begin before him. We will see the situation tomorrow night." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was not an easy qualification for the team and myself. Me and Fernando, we have failed to make a perfect tour, you can see because we were faster in Q2 and Q3. It is a pity in Q2 I had a good time and I expected to improve again, but unfortunately I was slower. I suddenly had less grip and a lot of oversteer, so now we need to understand why. It will be very hot tomorrow and it could also rain and therefore need to be prepared for any situation that will arise. We need to carefully consider the limited data that we have about the behavior of tires: we could see a significant deterioration of the software, which may be feeling a little more with the full of fuel. We must wait and see how things are in this long race tomorrow, I think that we still have a chance to fight for the podium, even if there is a very strong opposition. The Hungaroring was the scene of several important moments in my career, beginning with the 2008 engine failure which deprived me of a certain victory, followed a year later my accident. Many people here are close to me and continue to support me, then I am doubly disappointed because I wanted to reward with a good result this afternoon. We will try tomorrow!"

Hungary Gp : the grid

Hungary Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "as usual, Friday, it is always difficult to speculate on how things are going to happen during qualifying and the race. It is even more difficult when it rains, as has happened in the last three weekends of racing. It is precisely because the rain this afternoon that we could not try to dry tires in the long term, but, at least, this morning we were able to complete the work on the new aerodynamic system that we have here in Hungary. Now, our engineers do their best to analyze and implement the best possible program for the rest of the weekend. Here, the characterization is certainly more important than elsewhere: it will then be important to attention to every detail to fully prepare fortomorrow. The unknown on tires? "It is the same for everyone, such as Silverstone and Hockenheim"

* Felipe Massa: "in the end it was a good day with as only disadvantage the arrival of rain in half of the afternoon that we kept to our relay to understand tire." This has not only been our problem, but that of all the world. We have anyway managed to a fairly accurate idea about the performance erasers on the car but it is really too early to give a judgment on our position relative to the other. There are surely very efficient as cars at Hockenheim. We know while at the Hungaroring the results of the first day are to take with a tweezers because the runway is still very dirty. From Friday to Sunday, the situation changed radically. We will see how will be things tomorrow. We know that we need to do our best."

Hungary Gp : FP2

Hungary Gp : FP1

Sunday, July 29, 2012

news of the weekend !

* The Fia has clarified the rule on engine mapping of Red Bull, who was in Germany different from the one used at Silverstone two weeks earlier. the Fia changed the rules by introducing a new point: now any team must use a mapping that will be used during one of the 4 first Gp of the season.  

* the new girlfriend of Fernando Alonso is called Dasha Kapustina, a young Russian model of 22 years. we could have seen see the couple in broad daylight in the Gp of Germany.  

* Maria de Villota is better! last week the Spanish driver could return home in Spain where she continues her convalescence. to thank her fans she has written a small word which here is the translation: "thank you to all for your support and tenderness." I receive your encouragement and it still makes me stronger and excited. "Maria"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Germany Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "it was a very tight race from the beginning to the end and we didn't have the fastest car because it seems that the McLaren and Red Bull were a little better than us . The team took a few strategic decisions at the right moment and I knew that I had to focus on the turn n°6 to defend my position using the KERS. In the third sector there was no place for overruns so I tried as much as possible to manage the tyres and I think I was more calm compared to the team in the garage and on the wall, and the tifosis which were before the TV. When I recall our position at Jerez or Australia I would like to thank the team of Maranello for the fantastic work to reverse the situation. After the pole yesterday on the wet the car looked very strong and we have remained focusedtoday to avoid the problems of reliability or at the pitstops , I know that everything can switch so fast, but I can count on the best team that knows how to always get the best out of situations. I want to always give me 100%, working day and night to achieve my goals, I don't want to see someone in better condition than me in Hungary mentally or physically or just simply more motivated than me, I always wanted to be the first. I expect that the Budapest race goes well because we have no reason to be pessimistic. However I didn't forget that the Red Bull and the McLaren were fastest. I said that July would be crucial, so 75 points in four weeks it is possible we mark 43, we will try to finish the job in Hungary."

* Felipe Massa: "it was a very difficult race for me with a complicated start . I had made a good start when a Toro Rosso braked heavily before me, I couldn't do anything to avoid it I touched him and I lost my front wing . I lost so much time to return to the stands that my race was almost complete at the time, the tires yet worked well which corresponds to our expectations and therefore it is a shame, because once more today our car was competitive, as demonstrated by Alonso in a race to sign a very large and well deserved victory with directedwhich is extremely important for him and for the team. Obviously I am not happy with my day, but the fact that I can count on a c ar that will better continually the performance gives me confidence for the rest of the season. We need to improve the situation in qualifying to start better position on the grid, it is the best way to avoid problems as today. "I think that we will have a good pace in Hungary as was the case in the last races."

germany Gp : the race

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Germany Gp : the RB8 could be illegal ! + UPDATES

The Red Bull F1 team is under investigation by the FIA because of their engine exploitation , using maps representing an offender in the regulation, and can also bring an aerodynamic advantage to the team of Christian Horner.

Here's the FIA statement :

"Reviewing motor base maps of the car N°1 and 2 , it is clear that the maximum torque produced by the two engines is significantly reduced to midrange as seen previously on other races .
In addition, the new mapping of the engine torque can artificially affect the aerodynamic characteristics of both cars, being a violation of the Directive technical 036-11".

Red Bull risks a grid penalty or an exclusion of the race . 

Germany Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso : "I am very happy knowing that these qualifications were held in very difficult conditions, during which it was not easy to take a clean lap and much easier to finish in the grass, gravel or the wall. It was a bit like a struggle for survival, because before anything should complete the laps and after only one must look the obtained position. And then I heard on the radio that I was in pole position, then I was very satisfied because during these qualifications it feels to give everything and especially the car behaved well in all conditions, which is encouraging because it means that we can fight for the win whatever happens, whether dry or wet track. In Q2, we went out immediately in hoping to have a good time on the first round, because we knew that the rain would intensify. At the end of Q2 I went to track with the extreme tires, to understand and judge the behavior of the car and tires on the runway in the Q3. In the last part of the qualifications we were faced with a problem that was the water, to the point that we have not used the KERS and the 7th speed was just initiated. To achieve a pole in these conditions is really rewarding. Tomorrow I expect that the strategies are not too different between the top teams, but with a good degree of flexibility. Looking at the Championship I have to admit that I can't be unhappy that my two main competitors, who are Hamilton and Webber, are in the fourth line, but we know that things can change so quickly and that therefore the start will be important even if it is not decisive.
We have 67 laps to go through all of this, a Spanish pole in Germany an Italian car leaves me a strange feeling, even if I do not make policy."

* Felipe Massa: "I am very disappointed in the conduct of these qualifications because I have not managed to make a good time in Q2, I am out wide at the corner number 8 and therefore it was not possible to make a good time at this particular time. The track changed, it was very easy to block the wheels and thus lose much time. It was raining so hard that I had to deal with the water and I had to first of all try to stay in track while trying to improve my time, but the conditions were so extreme that it was not possible. It is a shame because the car is competitive both on the wet track dry, but tomorrow I'll start too far to expect fighting for the top positions, I would therefore of my best as always. "It will be important to choose the right tires at the right time, we have a good idea about it, but we must remain cautious because we could not achieve long relay during the two days."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Germany Gp : the grid

Germany Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "ultimately for the day I'm quite happy how things happened today. We drode under different conditions with a track turning dry to wet and vice versa. Tomorrow, the weather should be similar to today and therefore it should rain during qualifying. With regard to the car, its behavior is very well and in all circumstances which is always a good thing. We also tested the behavior of different types of tires in order to determine the appropriate time to change them . The technical innovations of the car could not be tested, we hope to do so tomorrow."

* Felipe Massa: "as it was already the case at Silversrtone, here in Hockenheim rain made us life difficult. This morning, conditions have changed rapidly and it was difficult to achieve a clean run that would have been quite useful to assess the performance of the new items that we have made here. In the afternoon, we have not even had the chance to do a single round with dry tires, so we focused on the behaviour of the car in wet conditions. It is always difficult to give a judgment when driving in such conditions but I have to say that the car was very good so we are relatively satisfied. It is always more difficult to say where we are on a dry track because we have enough rolled. See if tomorrow we will achieve some laps and more but for the moment, the weather is not very encouraging."

Germany Gp : FP2

Germany Gp : FP1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the news of Wednesday !

* last week Fernando Alonso participated in a trial time bike race in his native region of Asturias and the Spanish driver is mounted once again on the podium as he finished in the 3rd position! note that Fernando is an experienced cyclist, doing a lot of bike to train between each Gp. 

* Mark Webber has decided to extend for an additional year his contract with Red Bull, thus putting an end to rumors that  placed him to Ferrari. 

* Romain Grosjean will be penalized 5 positions on the grid of the Gp of Germany, which will take place this weekend for gearbox change ! 

* Maria de Villota is better! she is out of her artificial coma since Sunday and was able to speak to her family. In addition, apart from the unfortunate loss of her right eye, Maria has no other sequel! Finally, after investigation it was found that the car was not at the origin of the crash! but it is still not known what causes it !

Monday, July 9, 2012

Silverstone Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: 
"when you make the entire race as a leader and you are moving in second position a few laps before the end, you have a bitter taste in the mouth but after a moment, you think you're at the top of the WDB and you think that the score of the grand prix is very positive. 
We made four podiums in the last five races and there we missed us a bit to get the result we could have to install us at the top of the Championship. We are at an important stage in this Championship, is not there to win the title but anyone can start losing it and we are pleased to have gained ground on our main competitors. We must continue like this in the next races, trying to put together each time on the podium. Then, we must work on the top speed, especially for circuits such as SPA and Monza. We started the race with tires that would advantage us the best to accumulate as many possible advantages over rivals and be in a position of strength in the last relay. In Valencia we won during a week-end when Red Bull seemed unreachable and there we fought with them to the end. If Thursday afternoon we'd said us that we would come back with 18 points we would have signed. The Championship is still open: Red Bull is very strong, but we cannot forget McLaren because they had a bad weekend and Lotus there but as we have said, we are on the right track."

* Felipe Massa: 
"I had a good race and I am happy to have finally achieved a good result for me and the team. The situation is improving race after race and I am now able to fight for the podium, happened here everything as was possible in Montreal and Valencia, this means that the performance of today is no accident. It was not easy to choose good tires to start the race because we have little data. Fernando and I chose different options but I think that we do not have to complain us. I made a good start, then I was in a tight battle with Michael Schumacher and this made me lose time, this took advantage to Vettel who went before me in the first cases. My pace was similar to Vettel but I couldn't close me enough to think to attack him. End-of-course I thought best to protect me from Kimi (Editor's Note: Räikkönen) who was very fast and maybe he could have got me if there was some more laps . We must continue to work as hard as we can during these months and I am sure that the results will come. Is this enough to sign again a contract with Ferrari? I see no reason that would make that it could not happen, as I have said, the results will come."   

Silverstone Gp : the race

Silverstone Gp : pics of Fernando Alonso 1st pole of the year !

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silverstone Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "I want to dedicate this pole position to María de Villota primarily because it is a particularly difficult moment. We all feel a bit of sadness in these days and we are close to her and her family. This pole was a surprise because in these conditions you never know what can happen. This morning on the dry track the car was very good but this could be different on wet, even if the F2012 does never proved wrong, as in Malaysia and the Mugello. This afternoon we had to be in the right place at the right time with the good tires and to succeed, need some luck. For once we have had, as in Q2 where I managed to spend in Q3 narrowly after the break. In the final round I had a car before and the visibility was really limited then there was yellow flags in the last turns but in the end I still could qualify me. The pole today  is very important, even though we know that it arrived in special conditions. We have to get on the sec order to say that we have make up the gap on the top. Tomorrow  I hope a boring race for a time that I leave before everyone."

* Felipe Massa: 
"it is an achievement for the team knowing that when the red flag came , Fernando and I weren't some access in Q3. We have a good job in the resumption of the meeting for the latest rounds of Q2. In Q3 I fight for the pole position but I lost time on the last lap, I blocked the rear wheels, the fifth position is a place that satisfies me. I think I will be competitive tomorrow  because the car is appropriate for that track. Since the Canada, the F2012 has progressed well and the results are the reward. I think the cut in Q2 was positive, perhaps even that it helped us because there was a lot of water in track and the water was present and that even in a straight line. Then, the FIA has done an excellent job to set conditions for resumption to give the spectators a show in line with their passion. "For us, the break was long, but for all those who were in the stands that would be worse due to the rain!"