Monday, July 30, 2012

Hungary Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "it is a positive result, no doubt. We knew that it would be a difficult weekend because we were not fast enough, but in any event, we are able to extend the advance on Webber. In the Championship, we had a good weekend. To have success in such conditions, we had to be in front of the Red Bull, by keeping them behind since the paper he was seventh. Hamilto has been inaccessible for us this weekend, but we have not lost much ground to Vettel and these are, in my view, our main rivals among the group which is behind me in the ranking. We have made the right choices in terms of strategy: it is true that I lost a bit of time behind Perez, which cost me a position in favour of Raikkonen but the Finn was probably too fast this afternoon. We still have a 40-point lead, while we didn't have the best car to this point of the season. Now, we are trying to make great work in terms of performance to allow us to keep the top of the championship , because what we have now, in the long term, will not be enough. If we are at this point, it is because we have always made out the best of us and what we had, and because we had excellent reliability: If you do not have it, you are not in the points at the end of 23 consecutive races. The month of July has been a difficult and stressful month with three races and a lot of work at the plant. Now, I want to go a little bit in holiday to completely recharge the batteries, and make sure to be fully prepared for Spa, with the hope that the second part of the season is also positive and productive than the first. We have five weeks to rest and work, look to the future before again by two very difficult races like Spa and Monza." 

* Felipe Massa: "this race was ruined at the beginning when I have skated the wheels, perhaps because the clutch that has overheated: there I lost these two positions I could not recover. On this track , overtakings are very difficult, and even if at some point in the second half of the race I was faster than Webber and Senna, I had no opportunity to overtake. This was therefore not a beautiful race for me but I have at the least points  to bring home . Silverstone and Hockenheim, we had a competitive rate, close to the best, here it was not the case what has certainly made the week-end difficult for us. Of course, this first part of the season was not good for me, but today, I'm certainly better off than at the beginning and I am sure that the second part will be better. My contract? Until the situation is clear, there is nothing to say! I'm concentrated to try to make good results in the next races, this is my first goal."

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