Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silverstone Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: 
"there is little to say this afternoon, let alone less than usual for a Friday. We have made very few laps due to rain and also to the fact that the number of tires rain train is limited by regulation, it makes no sense to leave. It is better instead to preserve the tires since not very encouraging forecasts, it must rain all weekend long. In other circumstances, if the rest of the weekend was dry, we could do more laps , but in these circumstances, as I said, it is really not the case. On a wet track the car appears to be well, but it is virtually impossible to say where we are compared to others. Hope that tomorrow morning we can make a few laps on dry to at least have an idea approximate of the behavior of Soft tires and Hard ones that Pirelli has led here. The output of track to the end? The car was in water and it has eluded me. It damaged  the front wing and now we need to see if we can repair. "

* Felipe Massa:
"the weather has made the difficult day, it rained all the time and this has upset our program so we decided to make little laps to preserve the tires for tomorrow and Sunday. 
Obviously, we could not test as we wanted, especially regarding the news that we have made for the grand prix. I have three timed laps, it is therefore impossible to say though is on the behaviour of the F2012 on this track. Tomorrow, whatever the conditions, we will try to do more towers to be as well prepared as possible for qualifying and the race. We will try to do what we can. "

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