Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Felipe Massa celebrated 10 years of F1 in Brazil !

Felipe Massa celebrated his 10th anniversary of F1 last Saturday and also his 100th GP! Ferrari on this occasion prepared him a nice cake and offered him a piece of the front wing of the F150 on which the team has signed and some friends as pilots Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher or Rubens Barrichello. A nice event for the Ferrari driver!

Brazil Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(4th): 
"This is another race in which we have done everything perfectly, from start to strategy to the team. The final result is not what we hope but we can not do more. Again today, we have done a very good start, we have Button managed to get through but then, with tires mediums, we had the speed to resist it. The grand prize is an accurate reflection of season: we almost always our best, that is to say the fight for podium with a car that is not as good as those in front. In terms of teamwork, we grown a lot in 2011 and we have absolutely make a reference Initially, for a different year 2012. If I had to note our performance, I can only repeat what was said by the President Di Montezemolo, something between five and six but still I am proud of what the team has achieved. We need Now a faster car five to six tenths. I have confidence in our engineers and the team that dominated the last decade in Formula One, which holds all records available in the sport. Forget I have not managed to get ten times the podium, I scored more points than last year and losing the third place Championship driver is certainly not a problem. The first is the only really matters. "
Felipe Massa(5th): 
"It was a tough race, the end of weekend was not the best, a Technically we never managed to find the right balance and and then yesterday I lost a set of tires softs This forced me to carry out only two saves. I knew it would be disadvantageous because I had to do more laps with mediums, tires with whom we have a performance gap enough net compared to our nearest and softs competitors. Of course, I would have liked to celebrate my 100th grand prix with Ferrari another result but I have to accept the how things happened. In fact the race pretty much sums up the season: good with soft drinks, and then it took fight with the toughest tires. I was very happy to feel the encouragement the crowd who supported me from start to end of the weekend, it was a year ... difficult for me and the team Now we can turn the page. We need to work on improving of the car and I will do everything I can and never have a season as disappointing. I also wanted to say I was Lewis is very pleased to see me when I spoke to journalists, it was very nice of him. What I want from Santa Claus? With Felipinho, I will write and ask a fantastic car from start to finish the 2012 season. "

Brazil Gp : the race results

Brazil Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso(5th): 
"My subscription to fifth place continues to prove itself once again , but I must say that this time it was an even tougher battle than used and that we are not really satisfied with the balance of car. We expected to Mercedes competitive but in Q3 we were much closer to McLaren that what we expected so it means that we took a little ahead of the Mercedes. We managed to do better than this we thought to do in qualifying So if it rains tomorrow it may be that this an open and exciting race as nobody knows the level of performance other in the rain and the strategy can soon be boulversée by this. I must admit that we have a hard time to raise the tire temperature wet track, which is also the case when the track dries out and have these conditions as we retrace our race condition Silverstone was the proof. However, if the race is run on the track dry then there will be probably much stops because the tires seem to be deteriorate rapidly. What would be great for the latter race would be that the four drivers to stop and Massa and I are in ahead of our rivals. "
Felipe Massa(7th): 
"I expected a better result for these qualifications of the season and so I can be happy with this seventh place, but unfortunately We were unable to find the good balance throughout the weekend. In some turns I lost control forward and in the slow corners I suffered from understeer in other portions I lacked traction and Therefore the car was quite difficult to lead, it was quite a day complicated. I used two sets of tires in soft Q2, Q3 I paid it in and as it is supposed to rain tomorrow we have a slightly at odds with the choice of tires. I must say that this year we have seen that Red Bull and McLaren are very strong in track conditions humid. It is true that anything can happen in this kind of condition, so we must be prepared for all situations. This race is for me a fantastic feeling to race in front my audience, I'll try to do everything I can to make a good race and can be on the podium at the end a year so difficult. Thus it would be a nice way to finish my the tenth season of F1 and end on a note in a manner worthy my 100th race with Ferrari. "

Brazil Gp : the qualifying session

Brazil Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso(6th ; 4th): 
"It was not an easy day, we have not yet succeeded in finding the right balance with the car, so we have wait, see how we We can improve and solve these problems. So it will depend directly from our performance for qualifying tomorrow afternoon. I am not satisfied with the back of the car. As for the engine This morning, these are things that happen, in the end I do not lose really time, much less than the time lost India there is one month. We have to wait the engine is in Maranello, it will be removed by our engineers and we understand the reason for the failure. To be clear, this does not change the Following the weekend. In addition, we can see that we are a little less competitive than usual and I do I can not fight against the McLaren and Red Bull, in addition to Mercedes are very fast. However, there is a high risk of rain, if I could choose today, I'd for a wet race, because in these Conditions anything can happen, while on a dry track we can expect a fifth place in qualifying and a podium in the race. "
Felipe Massa(5th ; 6th): 
"I am very pleased to be here in my country and I am also happy because it the last race of a season that can be a source of inspiration for the future, if I were to write it in ten, I think I would put the score of 5. On Monday we will be in a position to concentrate fully on 2012. We need to improve in all areas, but especially on aerodynamics, which is important in the current Formula 1. However, we must not neglect any detail, as this can make the difference and create a perfect car. The lap times today were slower compared to last year probably brought by the tires Pirelli here are harder than those of Bridgestone and temperatures are different. We tried various settings and we must now analyze the data to prepare the best possible for qualifications and above for the race. With regard to the rain, we must be prepared for any situation. We have no news, but I hope we can do a good work and the end of the season will be on a good note. A podium would fantastic and it would give me more more motivation for the season next one. "

Brazil Gp : FP2

Brazil Gp : FP1

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The news of Tuesday !

* A French driver could come  in F1 next year, it would be Charles Pic which persistent rumors place him in the Marussia Virgin team in place of Jerome d'Ambrosio. 
* Kimi Raikkonen has finally unveiled his possible return to Williams! He also admitted having contact with this team but did not say more. That said many people being among the entourage of Kimi were present in Abu Dhabi, although no announcement has been made. 
* Nicol Rosberg finally extended his contract at Mercedes until 2013 and probably beyond. Michael Schumacher is also about to extend for two more seasons, although it is currently denied. * F1 Commission met recently and several items were discussed: 
- 3 teams were allowed to change their names for 2012: LRGP will become Lotus, Lotus will become Air Asia Caterham and Marussia Virgin will simply be called Marussia. 
- The idea of ​​the third car per team, supported only by Ferrari, was abandoned. 
- the races in Bahrain, South Korea and Austin have been validated. 
All these decisions will be confirmed on December 7 at the next World Council of Fia.

Abu Dhabi Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(2nd) :
"I am happy with this result because I
Finally the trophy to my collection of this
race, 73 podiums and I realized I
had not done so here.
Next year we will go in
new tracks, new country,
will therefore be new targets
achieve, even if the objective remains
to win world titles.
This will require fighting for
victory, we were in the fight here
until the end of the race, because we
had a good start and our pace was
also good.
I lost a few seconds in the traffic
and also during my second stop on the
left front wheel, but I do not think
that this is that we have lost
I am convinced that this is the car
fastest won, he made a
good race. For the start it was tight
between Webber and I have done outside because
I knew he had no grip, I saw
Vettel starting off, then I was in the
wake of Button and taking a little
risk, I passed.
I expected a larger struggle,
but the car was much better
behaved as expected and we could
Hamlton rival Lewis. I hoped a
just because Hamilton could have had
KERS concerns as Button, but
this was not the case.
Although we did not fight for
As such, it was a good season, we have
long way and our team
worked hard, I personally
learned a lot. "
Felipe Massa(5th):
"I can not be happy about this
fifth place, because things were
well for me in the soft tires, but
with the hard tires I had trouble keeping
the car on the track because it lacked
That's why I struggled,
I did a spin, losing
hope to stay in front Webber.
In the first stint, I struggled against
Button and Webber but I always kept
in mind that in this last run
would be more difficult.
The fact that I could not use the
new wing was a penalty with
hard tires because the tires hard we
are losing traction. Now
we are going to Brazil, I would
to my audience.
I'm sure it will be a plus for
me to try to finish the season well,
although it is clear that I want to
clear that I am motivated for the year
year. I will work hard with
team so that we are the most
competitive as possible. "

Abu Dhabi Gp : the race

Monday, November 14, 2011

Abu Dhabi Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso(5th) :
"To be honest, we are where we expected. It is not because it's the eighth time I called in fifth position I say this, but because Since the beginning of the season, McLaren are, with few exceptions, always before us in qualifying. But on Sunday, the gaps are closing and get better performance for us compared to others. We know we can play podium, but to do so, we will all make perfect, starting abide by our strategy and take good start. In Q3, I thought only one thing, to qualify by making the fewest laps possible. But when I missed in my first round, we took the decision to re-enlist with a new run. But I do not think it would changed many things ... The degradation of rubber does not seem be very important, that is why the start will be important to continue a steady pace throughout the race. I'm going from the clean side of the track, which will allow me to try to win tickets. In terms of our front wing, the team decided to mount it on the car of Felipe [Massa] and only his. Basically, Contrary to what people might think, it's not a bad thing, since we have two sets of data, instead of me too if I had the new front wing in the race.
Tomorrow we will start the race day and night to finish it, it will be interesting behavior Pirelli for the duration of the race."
Felipe Massa(6th): 
"To be honest, I expected better of those qualifications ... I struggled with my gum in my first round, perhaps would it have been interesting to make some more laps to see if performance would increase ... As so often this season, Red Bull dominates and is followed closely by McLaren, who showed a clear advantage on us today. In the end, we are as it were our usual positions of the 2011 season. I have and I will have a new spoiler on my car tomorrow. It is really a improvement. When I tested in India I really felt the difference, especially under braking when stability was better. Tomorrow we will do our best and we will try to use the DRS to good wisely, but its effectiveness may not be not be as hoped ... "

Abu Dhabi Gp : the qualifying session

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Abu Dhabi Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso(5th , 3rd) :
"As was the case in India there fifteen days, I lose again the time in India because of the engine but there because of an overrun. It is not a particular problem of Turn 1, but if you touch the edge of the vibrator during braking then you lose control of the car. Vettel and I went out to the same place, I saw a lot of similarity, maybe tomorrow we will change just our paths, I am sorry lose a little time but I am especially sorry for the mechanics now have more work to put my car in a state. I will try to redeem myself by making a good lap in qualifying tomorrow. We tried to do anything revolutionary we mainly concentrated on comparing tires Pirelli and aerodynamic evaluations for 2012. As usual, it is difficult to know where we are vis-à-vis our competitors, because there is always much too many unknown on Friday. I do not think I will not fight for the pole or victory, but first impressions are better than what we we expected, given that during the weekend, the track can be improved, which was the case with two free practice lower temperatures, the south it was really hot. The soft tires seem to suit us, like hard tires, so we are optimistic for last few races. "
Felipe Massa(6th , 4th): "
It was two good sessions for me but this does little to qualifications, as there was two weeks India was the fastest on Friday and Saturday was more difficult. I'm pretty happy with our pace race even if the end result was not great because I always had problems. Hopefully it will be different this weekend and I am sure that it is important keep doing the good job sure to always be the fastest. Of Moreover, I have a special helmet in honor of twenty years of the death of Ayrton Senna through the date of his third title on my helmet. It will be auctioned to raise funds for the foundation that bears his name, I am honored to be able to do something to support all initiatives. I am also happy to work on the new front wing, but I not understand why it vibrates so much, knowing that while the cockpit acts correctly! I have no problem with the car. "

Abu Dhabi Gp : FP1

Abu Dhabi gp : FP2

Fernando's blog : "a podium to complete my collection"

" I'm on my way to Abu Dhabi, where I will arrive this evening ahead of the penultimate round of this long season. We've now come to the end of the championship: there's still second place in the drivers' standings to play for but, to be honest, I would we much happier if we could add another win to the one we took at Silverstone in July. Talking to the guys in the team I can see they would really love to give me the chance to come second in the championship. I'm delighted it's like that because I know they feel it would be some kind of recognition for the efforts that have been put in by everyone during the season. But you know how we drivers are made: we always want to come first and the other positions are less important. I completely appreciate that winning will be very difficult. In this closing part of the season the relative positions are very clear but we have also seen there are some conditions in which we can fight for victory: as happened in Suzuka, for example. We know if we all get everything right we can fight for the top three but our natural qualifying position is on the third row. Then in the race things can go differently but that is the realistic situation. So our target is the podium. Apart from anything else that result would allow me to fill a gap in my trophy cabinet as Abu Dhabi is the only race on the calendar from which I have yet to bring home silverware. I'm sure that the most frequent question in tomorrow's press briefings will be about my return to the Yas Marina circuit after last year's race. It would not be honest if I told you I won't be a bit uncomfortable thinking about it tomorrow morning when I see the paddock for the first time. But then the feeling will vanish and it will leave room for the present, which is about aiming to do well this weekend and in the future: to learn as much as possible with next season in mind. It's right that it should be like that because in sport, as in the rest of life, you must always look ahead. Abu Dhabi 2010 was an important stage in my career and I have no doubt that even through that bad day, my relationship with Ferrari has become even stronger."