Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abu Dhabi Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(2nd) :
"I am happy with this result because I
Finally the trophy to my collection of this
race, 73 podiums and I realized I
had not done so here.
Next year we will go in
new tracks, new country,
will therefore be new targets
achieve, even if the objective remains
to win world titles.
This will require fighting for
victory, we were in the fight here
until the end of the race, because we
had a good start and our pace was
also good.
I lost a few seconds in the traffic
and also during my second stop on the
left front wheel, but I do not think
that this is that we have lost
I am convinced that this is the car
fastest won, he made a
good race. For the start it was tight
between Webber and I have done outside because
I knew he had no grip, I saw
Vettel starting off, then I was in the
wake of Button and taking a little
risk, I passed.
I expected a larger struggle,
but the car was much better
behaved as expected and we could
Hamlton rival Lewis. I hoped a
just because Hamilton could have had
KERS concerns as Button, but
this was not the case.
Although we did not fight for
As such, it was a good season, we have
long way and our team
worked hard, I personally
learned a lot. "
Felipe Massa(5th):
"I can not be happy about this
fifth place, because things were
well for me in the soft tires, but
with the hard tires I had trouble keeping
the car on the track because it lacked
That's why I struggled,
I did a spin, losing
hope to stay in front Webber.
In the first stint, I struggled against
Button and Webber but I always kept
in mind that in this last run
would be more difficult.
The fact that I could not use the
new wing was a penalty with
hard tires because the tires hard we
are losing traction. Now
we are going to Brazil, I would
to my audience.
I'm sure it will be a plus for
me to try to finish the season well,
although it is clear that I want to
clear that I am motivated for the year
year. I will work hard with
team so that we are the most
competitive as possible. "

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