Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pirelli test : Abu Dhabi day two

Fernando Alonso finished first in the second day of testing in Abu Dhabi to test the new Pirelli tires. He was also one of the most assiduous on track since he made 105 laps. Also note that Alonso has, like his teammate yesterday, tested a new type of helmet with unknown specifications .

Abu Dhabi : Pirelli tests day one

After this first day of testing with the new tire manufacturer Pirelli it's Felipe Massa who is leading the standings. He was also one of the most assiduous on track with 94 laps. as you can see Felipe has changed his helmet because he was testing a new sort of helmet . The medium and soft tires have been tested . The soft ones always wear a green stripe but this time around the rim .

Fernando Alonso wins the DHL trophy !

Even if he has not won the world title Fernando Alonso has won a trophy anyway. The DHL Trophy for having the most fastest laps this season. Fernando was tied with Lewis Hamilton but Fernando did more 2nd places than Lewis so the trophy is awarded to the Ferrari driver .

Abu Dhabi : the race

Here is the top ten of the last race of in the season in Abu Dhabi :

The news of Thursday November 25th

* the negotiations between Toyota and HRT have failed, which means that the Spanish team is in big trouble because it has not always car for 2011. Besides, the team plans are to use the 2010 car during the first half of the 2011 season while waiting to see what happens.
* Renault is expected to announce the sale of its shares to the company-owned Proton Lotus. The team called Lotus-Renault (Renault to remain in the name of the new team in 2011 for the rights TVs). Note that Renault will be only an engine manufacturer for 3 teams: Red Bull, Lotus-Renault and the other team lotus which maybe will be called Malaysia1 .
* Nico Hulkenberg has left Williams and is supposed to be the 3rd Mercedes driver in 2011 .

The paddock podium of Abu Dhabi

* the 3 in :
Sebastian Vettel: he was perhaps the least well placed for the title but he is ultimately the new world champion and the youngest ! Although he benefited from policy errors of his opponents but was not disgraced by winning the last race of the season from pole position .
Mclaren: their mission was to consolidate their second place in the constructors' championship and they have performed very well finishing 2nd and 3rd with perhaps a little flat for Hamilton has not been able to get the win. Great race from Button who won a place in relation to qualifications .
Nico Rosberg : Nico qualified just ninth then he finished the race in 4th place with a good strategy because he changed tires during the SC.
* the 3 out :
Ferrari : the driver title was widely available to them and they have wasted that opportunity because of apoor strategy, they were only focused on Mark Webber and neglected Vettel, despite a very good Alonso. The Spanish driver was trapped behind Petrov because Renault had a top speed in a straight line because he had already changed tires during the SC. For Massa was the same situation that ruined his race.
Webber : fifth in qualifying mark had already compromised his chances. His premature stop them permanently destroyed but favored his teammate. The question one might ask is: Was this on purpose?
Schumacher : Michael could have done better to finish the season but instead of that he left the track, taking with him Liuzzi. This accident could have serious consequences, but fortunately nothing happened! It will require that the seven-time world champion straightens the bar in 2011 especially against teammate , Nico Rosberg , who has regularly exceeded in the race this season.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the formula rossa(video)

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the formula rossa(video)

The new measures adopted by the Fia

* FIA met last Friday to adopt new measures. Here they are :
- now any driver who violates the rules of the road driving his car will be sanctioned by the FIA but we do not yet know the range of sanctions.
- Now the FIA may issue licenses for the senior staff teams which will allow the Fia to ban someone for life.
- FIA has increased the amount of the maximum fine that can give the Commissioners as a penalty. Now it is 250 000 dollars instead of 100 000.

The paddock podium of Brazil

The 3 in :
1. Fernando Alonso: Although the Spaniard has not won the race he still managed to make a podium and conceded just 3pts to webber what keeps him in mind before the final race where he hopes to be titrated . We've also been awarded of two beautiful overtaking on Hamilton and Hulkenberg.
2. Red Bull : with a 1-2 podium in Brazil Vettel and Webber offered the manufacturers' title to their team. More Vettel posts another victory allowing him to return to 15pts leader but it will probably be not sufficient for the title.
3. Hulkenberg: Although he did not stay very long first Nico is definitely the man of the weekend with this beautiful pole and he gave a great duel with Alonso and Hamilton .
* the 3 out :
Felipe Massa: he was never on the same pace as his teammate and had a very difficult race with the problem of fixing on the right front wheel at the firs stop which cost him dearly. Hopefully it will catch up in Abu Dhabi .
2. Mclaren: Although they did a good race, especially Button who has won 6 seats, but the manufacturers' title eludes them, and probably one of the pilots because it would take extreme circumstances for Hamilton to be titrated.
3. Insecurity: sauber employees have been stealing their belongings and Button escaped an armed assault while he was in his car on the way to his hotel. Fortunately, his driver was very clever to escape the attackers. While security has been strengthened after these two incidents but we will review the copy without which the future of GP could be threatened.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The best pics of Fernando Alonso's podium in Brazil

Brazilian gp : the race

Here is the top 10 of the Brazilian race :

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La gazzetta de ferrari

* According to the German newspaper "auto motor und sport", Fernando Alonso will have a zero-time engine in Abu Dhabi because it would use the one that was removed after qualifying in Bahrain. This engine it could not be placed on the Ferrari because it was taken after qualifying but as Abu Dhabi will be the last gp all the drivers will start the engine they wish within the limits of 8 engines allocated to them.
* Stefano Domenicali said Massa would not be a driver number 2 next year and that both pilots will fresh start in 2011 .
* the latest rumor of the moment would like Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa are under protection during the weekend of the Brazil race due to the fact that some fans of Massa have not liked the fact that ferrari advantaged Fernando Alonso during the gp of germany .

News of Wednesday November 3rd

* Russian Mikhail Aleshin, recent winner in Formula Renault 3.5, could join force india in 2011 but first it would take 10 to 15 million euros budget sponsors.
* Nick Heidfeld said he wanted to stay as owner in 2011 but not in a slow team , not in one of the new teams. He would be good in Renault or Force India.
* Bruno Senna has confirmed that he was in contact with other teams to quit HRT. He could go to lotus or virgin. Over his steering wheel back in HRT appears to Pedro de la rosa .
* It seems that Nico Hulkenberg is not completely ousted from Williams because the team of Grove would like to sign a 5 year contract (with a possible release but only if Nico pay a penalty of 15 million euros). And that's where it seems stuck as Nico did not want to move as many years with Williams.