Thursday, November 25, 2010

The paddock podium of Abu Dhabi

* the 3 in :
Sebastian Vettel: he was perhaps the least well placed for the title but he is ultimately the new world champion and the youngest ! Although he benefited from policy errors of his opponents but was not disgraced by winning the last race of the season from pole position .
Mclaren: their mission was to consolidate their second place in the constructors' championship and they have performed very well finishing 2nd and 3rd with perhaps a little flat for Hamilton has not been able to get the win. Great race from Button who won a place in relation to qualifications .
Nico Rosberg : Nico qualified just ninth then he finished the race in 4th place with a good strategy because he changed tires during the SC.
* the 3 out :
Ferrari : the driver title was widely available to them and they have wasted that opportunity because of apoor strategy, they were only focused on Mark Webber and neglected Vettel, despite a very good Alonso. The Spanish driver was trapped behind Petrov because Renault had a top speed in a straight line because he had already changed tires during the SC. For Massa was the same situation that ruined his race.
Webber : fifth in qualifying mark had already compromised his chances. His premature stop them permanently destroyed but favored his teammate. The question one might ask is: Was this on purpose?
Schumacher : Michael could have done better to finish the season but instead of that he left the track, taking with him Liuzzi. This accident could have serious consequences, but fortunately nothing happened! It will require that the seven-time world champion straightens the bar in 2011 especially against teammate , Nico Rosberg , who has regularly exceeded in the race this season.

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