Friday, November 12, 2010

The paddock podium of Brazil

The 3 in :
1. Fernando Alonso: Although the Spaniard has not won the race he still managed to make a podium and conceded just 3pts to webber what keeps him in mind before the final race where he hopes to be titrated . We've also been awarded of two beautiful overtaking on Hamilton and Hulkenberg.
2. Red Bull : with a 1-2 podium in Brazil Vettel and Webber offered the manufacturers' title to their team. More Vettel posts another victory allowing him to return to 15pts leader but it will probably be not sufficient for the title.
3. Hulkenberg: Although he did not stay very long first Nico is definitely the man of the weekend with this beautiful pole and he gave a great duel with Alonso and Hamilton .
* the 3 out :
Felipe Massa: he was never on the same pace as his teammate and had a very difficult race with the problem of fixing on the right front wheel at the firs stop which cost him dearly. Hopefully it will catch up in Abu Dhabi .
2. Mclaren: Although they did a good race, especially Button who has won 6 seats, but the manufacturers' title eludes them, and probably one of the pilots because it would take extreme circumstances for Hamilton to be titrated.
3. Insecurity: sauber employees have been stealing their belongings and Button escaped an armed assault while he was in his car on the way to his hotel. Fortunately, his driver was very clever to escape the attackers. While security has been strengthened after these two incidents but we will review the copy without which the future of GP could be threatened.

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