Sunday, July 22, 2012

Germany Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso : "I am very happy knowing that these qualifications were held in very difficult conditions, during which it was not easy to take a clean lap and much easier to finish in the grass, gravel or the wall. It was a bit like a struggle for survival, because before anything should complete the laps and after only one must look the obtained position. And then I heard on the radio that I was in pole position, then I was very satisfied because during these qualifications it feels to give everything and especially the car behaved well in all conditions, which is encouraging because it means that we can fight for the win whatever happens, whether dry or wet track. In Q2, we went out immediately in hoping to have a good time on the first round, because we knew that the rain would intensify. At the end of Q2 I went to track with the extreme tires, to understand and judge the behavior of the car and tires on the runway in the Q3. In the last part of the qualifications we were faced with a problem that was the water, to the point that we have not used the KERS and the 7th speed was just initiated. To achieve a pole in these conditions is really rewarding. Tomorrow I expect that the strategies are not too different between the top teams, but with a good degree of flexibility. Looking at the Championship I have to admit that I can't be unhappy that my two main competitors, who are Hamilton and Webber, are in the fourth line, but we know that things can change so quickly and that therefore the start will be important even if it is not decisive.
We have 67 laps to go through all of this, a Spanish pole in Germany an Italian car leaves me a strange feeling, even if I do not make policy."

* Felipe Massa: "I am very disappointed in the conduct of these qualifications because I have not managed to make a good time in Q2, I am out wide at the corner number 8 and therefore it was not possible to make a good time at this particular time. The track changed, it was very easy to block the wheels and thus lose much time. It was raining so hard that I had to deal with the water and I had to first of all try to stay in track while trying to improve my time, but the conditions were so extreme that it was not possible. It is a shame because the car is competitive both on the wet track dry, but tomorrow I'll start too far to expect fighting for the top positions, I would therefore of my best as always. "It will be important to choose the right tires at the right time, we have a good idea about it, but we must remain cautious because we could not achieve long relay during the two days."

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