Monday, July 30, 2012

Hungary Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "as usual, Friday, it is always difficult to speculate on how things are going to happen during qualifying and the race. It is even more difficult when it rains, as has happened in the last three weekends of racing. It is precisely because the rain this afternoon that we could not try to dry tires in the long term, but, at least, this morning we were able to complete the work on the new aerodynamic system that we have here in Hungary. Now, our engineers do their best to analyze and implement the best possible program for the rest of the weekend. Here, the characterization is certainly more important than elsewhere: it will then be important to attention to every detail to fully prepare fortomorrow. The unknown on tires? "It is the same for everyone, such as Silverstone and Hockenheim"

* Felipe Massa: "in the end it was a good day with as only disadvantage the arrival of rain in half of the afternoon that we kept to our relay to understand tire." This has not only been our problem, but that of all the world. We have anyway managed to a fairly accurate idea about the performance erasers on the car but it is really too early to give a judgment on our position relative to the other. There are surely very efficient as cars at Hockenheim. We know while at the Hungaroring the results of the first day are to take with a tweezers because the runway is still very dirty. From Friday to Sunday, the situation changed radically. We will see how will be things tomorrow. We know that we need to do our best."

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