Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pirelli tyres news

Shortly after the victory of Nico Rosberg in Silverstone , majority of the grid raised its voice against Pirelli as Sergio Perez who "risks his life" or even Lewis Hamilton who considers unacceptable this situation. Jenson Button, his former teammate, wants to change the situation quickly . Felipe Massa is ready to boycott the next GP in Germany if nothing changes !

Pirelli confirms that in Germany, this Sunday, the teams will run with tyres tested during the free practices in Canada, with Kevlar belt. Later , for the Hungary GP , Pirelli will offer new tyres , which will combine the 2012 structures to 2013 gums. These new tyres will be tested by the drivers during the tests(initially called Rookie days) provided at Silverstone from 17 to 19 July. the Fia will put one of its observers in each team to ensure that teams test only tyres .
The Fia also decided that a test session will be organised immediately after the last round of the Championship, in Brazil to test 2014 prototype tyres .
Pirelli has revealed the causes of many punctures during the Silverstone GP.  
Here they are:
-the reversion of rear left and rear right tyres  
-underinflation of the tyres
-excessive angle of camber
-kerb at the turn number 4 with a too abrasive surface
Finally, the Spanish newspaper Marca relayed a rumor that Pirelli would have changed the structure of its tires at Silverstone without informing the teams ! Indeed, Mclaren and Sauber have collected pieces of tires directly on the track and these pieces would contain pieces of kevIar, material that does not appear in the 2013 tires ! This information was contradicted by Pirelli. 

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