Friday, October 11, 2013

Japan GP : a victory for Fernando Alonso this weekend ?

"My last victory dates back to 2008. It is already 5 years, and this was at Fuji. However, my best memory dates back to 2006, this is my only victory at Suzuka. It has also been very important in my fight for the title (with Renault) at that time,"recalls the Ferrari driver.
"Suzuka is really a very, very good circuit to drive, especially the first sector with fast Esses. It's a track that must be taken aggressively, definitely. Aerodynamic is playing an essential role because there are a lot of high speed corners and therefore it must be perfect to be quick at Suzuka."
Alonso will keep an eye on the sky. Showers could allow him to win."The changing weather is also a parameter that can make a very demanding race for drivers such as engineers. A race in the rain could help us to beat Red Bull, even if Vettel is also very good under the rain."
"Next year, with Kimi, I think we can make a very good Championship for Ferrari, trying to score again as many points as possible but I think that in terms of pure performance Felipe is not slower. When they ran together Felipe was also faster than Kimi. Anyway, if we have a competitive car, we will enjoy both and we will do very good things. If we do not have a competitive car, it will be very similar to this season, I think... "
As 2013 title is almost lost , the Spanish driver has therefore changed his lens . His goal is now to secure the 2nd place in the Championship, which should also secure the 2nd place for Ferrari in front of Mercedes. Both teams are separated by a single point  while Lotus also catching some points : "For the remaining races, we will try to do our best, trying to score as many points as possible since winning the Championship has become almost impossible. We will try to do good races, attacking all the time and also fighting for the constructors championship. There is very little difference between us and Mercedes so we must continue to give everything . We must also be wary of Lotus, which has recovered some points more than us in Korea. We need to score - Felipe and I - as many points as possible in the remaining races."

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