Saturday, October 12, 2013

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it is difficult for me to speak of María de Villota, I learned the bad news when I removed my helmet and I still can't believe it, I need some time to understand and reflect.Of course it is sad news for Motorsport, Maria was loved by everyone, but the only thing we can do is to pray for her and her family.(ed : Maria de Villota , previous Marussia test driver , has been found dead in her hotel room in Sevilla where she was to present her new book)
With regard to this weekend, we were not as competitive as we wanted to be and we need to understand why and try to improve ourselves with a serie of changes, we already have a few ideas. Happily in my head to tail I have not damaged tyres.Still on the tyres we managed to use them on the long relay with a full fuel load even if I lost a few tenths in the early laps. I hope to be able to get a clean lap and be ahead of the Toro Rosso as the McLaren cars, they must not be in front of us as it was the case today."

Felipe Massa: "today we did our utmost and we completed our program. It is difficult to know our true level of performance against our rivals but it seems there has a lot of fast cars .I hope to have a faster car tomorrow to fight with those who are ahead of us, we will certainly be able to progress in the preparation of the qualifications, but points are awarded Sunday.It is always nice to be at Suzuka which is a fantastic track, one of the most beautiful of the season."

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