Sunday, October 6, 2013

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: 'I'm not surprised by the result because in terms of pure performance , Saturday is a difficult day for us and will be until the end of the season. Usually on Sunday things are better and our goal is always to get on the podium and this has happened in the last few races. However, this weekend seems more difficult than usual because so far we have always had a good rhythm in the race but yesterday we suffered on long relays which means that tomorrow it will be difficult, we absolutely need to find a solution.We have some problems with the tyres, we are unable to manage them , there's a lot of graining and if you attack too hard on the first sector the end of the lap is difficult, therefore, we need to find the right compromise , our engineers will find a solution, knowing that the best strategy seems to be on one or two stops.Given the conduct things in the dry, the rain could redistribute the cards, so we have nothing to lose, we must be prepared for this eventuality."

Felipe Massa: "I can't be happy with this result because I was expecting to be closer to our rivals in Singapore but this is not the case because Red Bull and Mercedes are largely ahead of us, and we have not managed to get the best out of our car.Tomorrow I hope to be more competitive but the race won't be easy and the degradation of the super soft is important while other cars seem to best manage them than us. We are going to do the first relay on these tyres, we will decide at that time to put the medium ones who seem to be the best choice. Apart from Red Bull, Mercedes and a Lotus before us, we must be careful regarding others which will be close and it will be important to have a good start and try to attack up to mark a max of points. It would be great to get on the podium but will need us a lot of luck."

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