Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korea Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "It was a difficult race that puts an end to a weekend that I am pleased with the progress. Indeed, I started from the dirty side of the track and we had doubts about the longevity of the tires without knowing the true pace of our rivals. We had special attention to these elements and we managed to get on the podium, which means that we were able to release a sigh of relief because it's true that Red Bull were the fastest of the weekend, but our goal was to finish just behind them, we did it. It is true that I lost the championship lead, but after reflection, six points is not much because there are still four races to do. We must not forget that we have passed in second position of the constructors and this is important because it means that our team is a strong point from now and until the end of the season. There are still a lot of points to score , a hundred exactly. We can therefore say that the road is still long and everything will depend on what we can evolve on the car. Do not forget that here we were closer to the Red Bull as in Singapore and in  Japan, we must continue in this direction. Three victories in a row by Vettel make me say he made a perfect weekend, I congratulate them, but all series come to an end, and so sooner or later it will happen something. We are in full fight for the title with a car that has never been the fastest, so it seems that we are able to do something good, don't you think?" 

*Felipe Massa: "after the Suzuka race, I have to say that this is again a fantastic race for me because I managed to have a super pace from the beginning to the end and I expect this to some extent as a result of what I saw on Friday with the behavior of the car which was very good. It is true that we cannot be sure of the course of the race, but this time everything went well and I managed to use 100 percent of the car, because for me it was important to finish ahead of Hamilton and Raikkonen. From there, I drove to my pace until the end, I was coming back on Alonso and I was there to help him, just as the team was done for me when I had a difficult time. In this second season, starting I probably find the best way to fly with this car and tires, now I take pleasure and I took maximum advantage because when you sit in the cockpit you must remember to it. With regard to my future, I think not specifically because it is the best approach, I love what I do and now I feel stronger. Do not lose sight that between here and the Grand Prix in India there is still much work to be done in particular to improve our skills. Hopefully developments will give us that little something that could be decisive in the title race ." 

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