Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korea Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "I must say that we have made a step forward from the Japan, to the position on the grid than our gap with the leader. One can see that our car is better suited for this type of circuit while it remains very similar to that of Suzuka. We still need to make progress and I know that we will have future developments and this as early as the next race in India. Nevertheless, it is not surprising to see the Red Bull front row, is not by chance, because they were the fastest in Q1 and Q2. My second relay in Q1 was not fast because I was paying attention not to damage my tires and I knew that I had to use them later in Q2. I think that tomorrow we can do a good race and I hope to win positions from the start but I am on the dirty side of the track so I risk losing a few . We showed that we had a good pace and this should allow us to stay with the leader. Our goal is to finish before Vettel, differences are so low that any point lost little to differentiate, so that I earn in upon him. I may lose the championship lead, and perhaps arrive at the last race with 24 points behind, but what counts is to be fighting for the title race to the Brazil, the title will be awarded only after the race. "Red Bull has a faster car but we have the best team." 

*Felipe Massa: "it's a pretty good qualifying session but it was not perfect. I made a few small errors that have made me lose time, but sixth place is not a disaster. The most important thing today is that we passed the Q2, which means from this point of view, we have made a significant step forward. In the past we have seen that we are faster in the race than in a single round, so I hope that history will repeat itself tomorrow to beat us with those who are ahead of us. In qualifying, there are at least two cars faster than us but the situation is different in the race. We need to find the right strategy in trying to get the most out of using tyres which seem to do too much to wear here. The first corner is tight here, so I hope to have a normal start. Grosjean near me?  I think he knows how he should behave, so I'm not worried."

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