Friday, September 7, 2012

Belgium Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday results

Fernando Alonso: "I am fine, except my left shoulder hurts me a little: I went to the medical centre immediately after the accident, but all is well . I had no idea of what has happened : I had overtaken the two Sauber and I felt as if I had been struck by a train! Immediately after the impact, I stayed in the cockpit for a few seconds, and then there was the beginning of a fire and foam fire extinguishers meant that I could no longer breathe. I tried to tell the team radio that everything was fine, but I couldn't. Now, I can say that, in view of the misfortune of having an accident like this, I'm lucky to be able to return to the car in a few days. The security of these cars is very high, and today we have new evidence of this. I am not in anger against Grosjean, he certainly did not make it intentionally : this was a case where I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I think that some drivers must attempt to take less risks at the start : this is just a currently trend in junior formulae, but it would be preferable, if from the beginning of their career, they become accustomed to enforce more strictly the rules of behaviour in track. What has happened is a shame because I think that a podium was within my reach, especially when we see what Felipe showed on track. Today, we have paid the misfortune and the chance must paid us in return : let's see what will happen during the rest of the season. We just lost the advantage we had on Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen, but we have lost nothing on Hamilton who, in view of the manner in which the McLaren is back in terms of performance, it is perhaps our most dangerous rival. Now we are going to Monza, home race of Ferrari : traditionally, the reds are always strong there, then hope that we can have a nice weekend and give our fans something to make them happy, which makes a part giving the benefit of what we lost today."

* Felipe Massa: "it was a beautiful race and the fifth position is an excellent result, if you look at where I started. In the beginning, I managed to pass the two Red Bulls but then I had to go to the right on the left side to avoid the tangle of cars which included Fernando and I lost almost all the ground that I had up to in the last few metres of opening. I am really sorry for what happened to my partner, because I think that he actually could get a good result, given the pace of race we had. It is true that even today, I suffered much in the second sector, but in the first and the third, I was very fast. The strategy of 1 stop was not possible for us, so we made the right choice coming to be very fast when it was really needed. I do not know if this race will change much with respect to my future, but I am very satisfied, as I was very disappointed yesterday afternoon, because on this track, I've always been very powerful. We now go to our home race at Monza,: the track is different from all others and it is very difficult to predict what the hierarchy might be in teams. Of course, it would be wonderful to be competitive and to obtain a good result ho front of our supporters who, I am sure, will show us their passionate support."

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