Thursday, September 20, 2012

the news of Thursday

* Pirelli unveiled the tire specifications that will be allocated to teams at the three next grand prix :
- the Japan Gp : P Zero hard tires and P Zero soft tires
- India Gp : P Zero hard tires and P Zero soft tires 
- Korea Gp : P Zero soft tires and P Zero supersoft tires 

* the rumour of the time is that Lewis Hamiton would be departing from Mclaren to Mercedes Gp to replace Michael Schumacher who would thus put an end to his career! to replace Lewis Hamilton, the English team could hire the Mexican driver Sergio Pérez, who is no longer in the shortlist of Luca di Montezemolo in order to compensate for a possible departure of Felipe Massa. 

* during the young drivers test last week, Ferrari tested new parts that could be introduced for the Gp of Singapore. among these new pieces there are: a modified front wing , major changes at the back and at the level of the flat bottom and a double notch at the level of the diffuser to generate a significant flow of air.(source:

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