Monday, September 3, 2012

Belgium Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso : 
"this sixth place reflects our average this season, which is of 6.08 specifically, so we should not be surprised by this result. Usually, we are better on Sunday that on Saturday so we can be fairly confident for the race, especially when our closest rivals are behind me while another, Räikkönen is not far before. If we can sign this result tomorrow, then I do so now. Our goal is the podium, I think that victory is not in our scope even if the race appears very open in part because overtakings are possible here. The fact that we have no information about life of tires is not penalizing because we are all in the same situation and what we know that both compounds of tyre are doing well, so I would not expect to have problems on this plan. The most important is that we could not roll much yesterday, which has not allowed us to optimize the different aspects of the car, but everyone is in the same situation, this may explain the differences between the drivers for the same team. Introduced updates can be benefit in terms of speed which is positive here, and also for Monza which will take place in a few days . The Championship is very tight because you can drop very quickly, this is why we try to be focused on all the details.."

* Felipe Massa: "since the FP3 I had to fight in the second sector and we have made changes to the configuration of the car at the end of the session, but unfortunately this has not changed the situation. I do not make the most of the car in this sector, it slips into the corners because it lacks aerodynamic support. Alonso also seems to suffer in some parts of the track but less than me. In the first and third sectors I was competitive, or in absolute performance from my team-mate, which confirms what I say on the second sector, I was disturbed by the deterioration of the tires and we have failed to know how they behave on the long relay due to the rain yesterday. I cannot be pleased of today but now the most important thing is to focus on the race, because everything can still happen especially here where exceedances are possible. In addition there are many unknowns about the behaviour of the car, so there may be some surprises."

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