Sunday, September 9, 2012

Italy Gp : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "with all that has happened today, including mechanical problems we did not test everything we wanted to, but all the parts that have caused problems may be modified by Felipe who took the necessary informations to optimize the car for the qualifying and the race. Even if today is complicated, it remains no less positive, but we must avoid the problems tomorrow and Sunday, I am optimistic about the balance of the car and we do not need to change. I think that we will see different strategies from qualifications because there is very little difference between the Pirelli tyres. Compared at SPA we are in the pace even if we have again a bit of support for two turns and the second chicane, because we lose time in the first sector with two long straights. We must analyse these details tonight and tomorrow and we will try to improve our speed, which was probably one of our weak points today." 

*Felipe Massa: "it's a very positive day because I was able to take advantage of the time of the sessions and to fulfil any program we planned for this Friday. I did many laps  with both types of tires, the morning and afternoon including the long relay to evaluate the behaviour as well as possible. At the moment , it seems not to be much difference between the two gums, as we can see on the map of the time and therefore we have to see how this is going to happen tomorrow, because the difference could become more important if the track conditions improve, which will be an important factor for the qualifications and the race. I am also satisfied with my times because I was always at the top of rankings with the fastest cars during the two sessions. We will try to improve the settings of the car for tomorrow, but I am confident for the rest of the weekend, while being very happy to be here at Monza before our fans, for which I hope we will have a good result from this positive day.

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