Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canada Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: 
"I am pleased with the conduct of this weekend especially for the car which is again competitive on a track that does not best meet our criteria. It is mainly with the changes made here that we are there because they work as expected and it makes me confident for the rest of the season. I still remember our position in the Grand Prix of Australia and if today we can fight for the pole then this means that we have done good work in the past months, as others do not turned thumbs! I am also pleased for Massa who confirmed his progress that we had already seen the last races. At the beginning of the Championship, he was not lucky, but we remained United, and now the results are there, for a driver of his talent. That said, we must not forget that there are two fastest drivers in front of us , so we still have late catching up in terms of performance, even if finally we seem able to beat playing with the best. It was a stressful situation, because the times are very close as always here and a few tenths can make the difference whether forward or backward. Third here is a good position to start the race, because the pole position is not so important compared to other races. Degradation of the tires will be a key factor in Sunday as temperatures will be very different from what we saw yesterday. The races here are very unpredictable, but it would be super to offer a beautiful race with a good result to our fans here and that thirty years after the death of Gilles Villeneuve. There is Italy-Spain to the euro for football? I have not talked about this with my team, but if we win [Spain] I think that I'm having trouble finding mechanics for my rear tires in the stands(said Alonso with a joke)"

* Felipe Massa: 
"I am pleased with the progress made this weekend, from the sixth place is positive. However I am not satisfied with my latest laps in Q3: in the sector 2 I lost the rear which has cost me a few tenths and surely cost a few places on the grid. I am very disappointed because I had the potential to do better than this 6th place. Finally, I remain confident because we are improving and it is very important for the rest of the season.Tomorrow, we will have to remain attentive regarding our strategy. I think that the choice will be limited to one or two stops but this depends heavily on the behaviour of the tyres. We hope to win some positions and bring a good result at home. On my headset I have the name of Gilles Villeneuve to pay tribute to the memory of a driver who was part of the history of Ferrari. 
I am proud to be able to honour the year which marks the thirtieth anniversary of his death even if I was just born the day of his accident, I was always one of these fans".

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