Wednesday, August 15, 2012

month chronicle : who to possibly replace Felipe Massa in 2013 ?

Everyone speaks more of it since the start of the season: who to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari in 2013 ? 
Felipe continues to be supported by his team but until when ? The Scuderia begins to lose patience in view of the lack of performance of Massa ! but there is a criterion that should not be ignored, that all drivers fear: being only a number 2 driver !

* Jenson Button:
Although the British driver has signed a long-term contract with Mclaren , each year the rumours would want to him to go to Ferrari in 2013 ! and this idea would have everything to seduce because it would align 2 world champions and thus allow the "Santander" sponsor of kill two birds with one stone by touching both the Spanish market and the British one ! but this idea will probably stay in cartons, Jenson recently reported: 
"McLaren, it is the right team for me for the moment. And as I have always said never say never..."
before adding about Fernando Alonso:
"He is a very intelligent driver and perhaps that, in a parallel world, I would work with him. It would be difficult but it is always interesting to have someone on your side that is so hard, so intelligent. I admire him as I admired Alain Prost for that: he created a nice atmosphere around him, with very good people."
+: speed, 1 title of world champion , experience
-: contract with Mclaren, position of number 1 

* Kimi Räikkönen: 
the Lotus driver , who made a brilliant return this year, could be an ideal partner for Fernando Alonso but that's not counting liabilities with Luca di Montezemolo! everyone remembers all how, in late 2009, Kimi was more or less "thanked" in favour of Fernando Alonso! Moreover, in the margin of the Gp of Hungary, Kimi said did not want to close the door to Ferrari but not as long as Luca di Montezemolo will be at the head of the Scuderia! more, we see poorly the Finnish driver leave the Lotus team in which he flourishes rather well! 
+: experience in Ferrari, 1 title of world champion, speed
-: liabilities with Luca di Montezemolo, contract with Lotus 
* Jules Bianchi: 
until last year, Jules seemed the ideal candidate. from the Ferrari driver academy, 3rd driver of the team, it seemed natural that he be confirmed but Jules left for the Force India team where he served as a third driver. then will the Scuderia undertake a pilot without actual experience only the one to have worked on the Ferrari Simulator? or will Jules prefer to stay at Force India ? 
+: from the FDA, former 3rd driver of the Scuderia
-: very little experience on track 

* Sergio Pérez: 
Sergio is surely the ideal candidate given his route and the close ties between Sauber and Ferrari. In addition, after completing the Gp of Malaysia in second position and held the high hand to Fernando alonso(who won this day), the F1 world discovered this young driver loaded with talent! Since then he appeared almost obvious that the successor of Felipe Massa would be Sergio! some journalists  even asked Ferrari to hire him on the field! but the Scuderia is not precipitated and still wants to see the performance of Pérez before deciding. only Pérez loses patience and starts may be wondering if it would be better to build a career with Sauber! 
+: speed, capable of bringing points, important sponsors, from the FDA
-: results in tooth, ability to be only a 2nd pilot?

* Romain Grosjean: 
The Lotus drivers as definitely on top at this time because after Kimi Räikkönen, it is the turn of romain Grosjean to enter the dance! It might seem absurd because at first glance, Romain has no link with Ferrari and yet not so much! Indeed Romain has been team-mate of Fernando Alonso at Renault in 2009, they know well each other and he could make a very good teammate for Fernando. then will the French driver transfer to the sirens of Ferrari or will he see his future with Lotus ? 
+: former teammate of Fernando Alonso, fast, able to score points
-: ability to be only a number 2 driver ? , links to sponsors with Total 

* heikki Kovalainen :
apart from Button and Räikkönen, Heikki is probably the most experienced driver to succeed to Felipe Massa in 2013. and Heikki has more than one asset: he well knows the inner workings of a large team since he was a Mclaren driver. Heikki already showed his talent at the wheel of a modest (but evolving) team as Caterham. 
+: ex member of Mclaren, familiar with Pat Fry and his team, quick and experienced driver .
-: lack of results 
* Felipe Massa: 
here is a driver that nobody has probably thought about : Felipe Massa ! Ferrari would make a good case in retaining the Brazilian driver a year more because Felipe will surely agree a decrease salary to remain on track ! but  the Brazilian should have a strong second part of the season and if he manages to help his teammate, Fernando Alonso, to win the world title then maybe that Felipe would win his ticket to remain with the Scuderia ! 
+: Member of the Ferrari family , number 2 driver confirmed, can be fast.
-: lack of self-confidence , large difference in performance with his teammate.

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