Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wroom 2013 : Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa statements

during the Wroom meeting , the Ferrari drivers gave a press conference during which they gave their impressions about the 2013 season .

Here are their statements: 

* Fernando Alonso: 
"I don't think that there is necessarily obligation to win. sport is a sacrifice, commitment and a pleasure of doing what you're doing and during last three years, I had the chance to fight for important goals. There are 24 drivers in formula one and some can claim winning races and often get on the podium." "Since I was at Ferrari, I had the chance to become a champion again, that's my goal and that a team like ours, and I hope to again beat me to this a third time in four years." "I am sure be able to start the season with a better car than we had in the first months the year passed" "it is when the first Grand prix that we lost important points, when we're finished 7 th in China or Bahrain. yet Working on a single blower, that of Cologne, will be a small advantage."
-about Felipe Massa: 
"I've always said that Felipe was one of the best drivers and I remember just a few of which had the smile last year when I said it." He and I, we are always helped each other, and I expect him to be very close to me in terms of performance. The difference between us was not normal but now, it is no longer like that. This will be very positive for me and the team."
-about Pedro de la Rosa, newcomer in the team: 
"it is always important. Pedro will primarily work on the Simulator, an area in which we are not worthy of the best and his experience will be helpful. That said, there is not that a new driver who can make a difference and stay on the Simulator: there is and there will be other important things that can stimulate the team." 
-the opinion of Fernando on the technical aspects of the 2013 season: 
"technically, I think that this year the key will come again from the management of the exhaust. It's true, this is not as important as two years ago but we saw last year that they still play an important role and that everyone's work on it. The tires are not determinative, unless there is a specific problem like for example that we have had with the hardest compounds in 2011: they are the same for all teams." 

* Felipe Massa: 
"what we have done at the end of last season has been a bit like a workout for me this season 2013. I want to be competitive from the beginning to end this year. I want to find the victory and I hope to fight for a title. I did it in the past and I know very well how to." "The car did not so much change that it since August. There has been change from my side. I have already said that my situation in terms of my contract disturbed me. Even if 90% of the people no longer believe in me, it is still important to believe in yourself. "
"You're not good one day and suddenly best the next day."
"In Australia, we will start from zero, everything will then depend on my performance and the development of the Championship, I hope to start in the best way possible, my goal has always been to bring the Brazilian flag on the highest step of the podium. 
"I was very excited on the podium at Interlagos last year because I heard the fans screaming my name: it is a sign of affection and closeness of my country with regard to me, it is essential." 
"We have to wait to see the new car on the track during the second test only we will have already some indication but it is only in Australia that we will know if we have done good work. Vettel is one of our main rivals but McLaren has finished the year with a very fast car and the stability of the regulation will be that they will still be important rivals. In any case, I have confidence in my team and I'm sure that Ferrari will be in control."

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