Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fernando Alonso at the Fia 2013 gala

"I would like to congratulate Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for their fantastic Championship. They have had a superb season and deserve these titles. We were hoping to make their life more difficult, but they were very good and tonight is their night ."

When asked how he keeps his motivation and competitiveness despite the dominance of Red Bull, he answers: "I hate to lose ! At the beginning of every year, regardless of the situation, the objective is to fight until the end and to win. I love to win and I love racing : this year, I finished second and there is no doubt that I wanted to win as the team wanted. However, I am honoured to be here today and I want to thank Ferrari for this. Hope that we can be the first on the scene next year."

Fernando also received a standing ovation when he invited all those present to applaud both drivers , but more importantly still, two friends who were in the room, Mark Webber and Robert Kubica : "Mark and I have been together in formula 1 for twelve years and we shared many fantastic moments. He will be missed next year. Robert has done great things in rallies but we expect his return to formula one."

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