Monday, October 25, 2010

Fernando Alonso GQ interview

here is a very nice interview of Fernando Alonso for GQ magazine in November in which he engages in open heart .
character: "I am aware of being a man with a character to the old, traditional. I'm quite unusual for my generation because I grow and defends the values related to my past, my land, my family."
values "have courage means taking responsibility when you have to introduce yourself to people who have as much work for you to be in the best possible conditions. then you get on the car and you say: Now there are more excuses that hold, we must do a perfect lap. in life it happens often. it happened when my family has sacrificed to give me opportunities. therefore when I say I give great importance to the tradition I mean that I give a real value to words like honor, duty and respect. "
raquel : "i feel pretty good about my relationship. I try to do my best, we try both. for now we do not intend to have children but may be soon. I have a niece one year old, Maria , and for now it's enough for me. I think when a family is a family and a sense of family is deeply rooted in me. "
feelings: "I can not express my feelings. I am not able to show with actions. I think it affects raquel a lot and not just her. I try to explain it and I think it comes from my father. He loves me with all his heart but he never took me in his arms even when he saw me in trouble but a glance was enough to understand us.
Money: "I have no personal plane. I have a boat like bcp other drivers. I do not give importance to these things. I know it means having privileges. Money is important and I agree but it is better to have more normal and strong values . "
* The kitchen: "My father taught me. He was preparing the meal because my mother worked so I thought it was normal to me too. Well in my studies I took the kitchen as an option for three years. "
magic: "a passion that comes from my grandfather. holidays, after eating, we always played cards. it was ridden with me, he always tips and I was

fascinated by this inexplicable thing . I was happy. I was doing magic to see the reaction of stunned people. surprise, joy. "
Cycling: "I looked at the stage of Tour de France, the Vuelta and Giro . have always loved cycling and now I train in this sport. I'd like to create a real team .

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