Monday, October 25, 2010

News of monday october 25th

* The duo Jacques Villeneuve- durango decided to pause their project to buy an F1 team to devote himself to NASCAR. * The format of the weekend gp could increase from currently 3 days to 2 days with qualifying on Sunday just before the race and the free practice on Saturday.However christian horner think we should keep the current three days but do scrutineering on Friday to avoid bringing teams from Wednesday . * Peter Sauber, team boss namesake, deplored and strongly criticized behavior "very unsporting" on behalf of the Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes Grand Prix in South Korea.These images have indeed escaped anyone, relayed live on television worldwide. At the time of abandonment of Sebastian Vettel on mechanical failure, on the 45th lap, we could see in succession the Ferrari garage and then leave McLaren Mercedes for joy.

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