Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ferrari days Valencia 2012 : interview of Fernando Alonso

"I'm pleased with how things went . in the end, we lost the title to three points but I made the best season of my life and now I can only think of the one to come. It was a miracle to see, race after race, what we have done: we have not lost the title in Brazil but in SPA and Suzuka. next year , we will try to improve the car, start higher on the grid, prevent incidents. Hope that we will have a little more luck..." 
"I think that in terms of strategy, the pit stops, reliability, it was a perfect year. We are all agreed that the thing that was missing was the car, preventing us to compete with the best of many times in the year. It is the only thing that we need to improve, but it is also the hardest. With all the difficulties that we had, I think for example to where we were this winter, being able to fight until the end proves that we have a great team." 
And about Vettel overtaking on Vergne controversy in Brazil : "there was a lot of videos on the internet and we knew that our fans asked for an explanation and so it was just Ferrari turns to the FIA for clarification. We got a response and now everything is calmed down. I not paid much attention to all this hustle and bustle that the incident has caused, but I felt that we needed to give a response to our fans. What I know is that the people on the street hug me and call me the Gladiator or the Samurai. 1200 people who are part of the Ferrari family gave me a standing ovation at the dinner. This has been a year of spectacular, hard to forget, with moments that will never recur as the victory in Valencia or in Malaysia. Since I am at Ferrari, I think I have significantly grown, especially last year. Before, people did not have a good opinion on me, but now I notice a level of respect. Then, to be part of the greatest of formula 1, you must also live seasons like the one that is finished. next year? I hope i will score three or four more points."

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