Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monaco GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "Unfortunately, the day did not go as we wanted, even though we did our best, we were not as competitive as during both free sessions last Thursday and I do not think that we can dismiss this on cold temperatures, they are the same for everyone.

There was less grip today and we just struggled with the soft tyres this morning. I think it's simple: we had a little more harm than others to adapt our car to this circuit. We used to go better in the race but is another story here, because it is almost impossible to overtake.

This is a race where anything can happen, we will need to be careful at the start to avoid ending up stuck. Fortunately, the Mercedes are leading, making that my closest rivals are not far from me with Kimi next to me and Vettel one line before. Hope that I overtake them so that they won't escape a little more in the Championship.

I'm sorry for Felipe, the team has done its best but could not allow him to go out in qualifying. I am well aware that starting from the back of the grid can be a difficult race in Monaco but however, I hope that it may well do, and that together, we will bring back as many points as possible at home."

Felipe Massa: "I am really disappointed not being able to take part in the qualifications, this is very frustrating because I had a good feeling with the car during the free practice sessions.

This morning, in the last practice session, I braked on a bump at the upstream of the first corner, and it has unexpectedly blocked the wheels. From there, we know that in Monaco the rails are very close, and at over 200 km/h it is very difficult to save the car. So I typed the rail and finished in the opposite wall. Fortunately I'm fine, I just feel muscle fatigue. However the car was badly damaged and I have to thank my mechanics who have worked very hard for me, so I take part in the qualifications. Unfortunately, there was too much damage and I did not have time to do laps.

Starting at the bottom of the grid is not a good thing, especially in Monaco where it is difficult to pass. But now we must be optimistic and opt for a good strategy, make the right decisions at the right time because we are not in the shelter of a safety car. We will try to get the best out of the car, the race will be long and anything can happen."

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