Friday, May 24, 2013

Monaco GP : Alonso & Massa Thursday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it's always very nice to come here in Monaco although this is a very difficult track in which we must be getting used to being in such permanently and the races are usually difficult.
I am happy coz we managed to complete the planned programme today and is not always easy with all that can happen and feelings are positive knowing that we have not had a problem, but we have not a clear idea of the forces in presence, but we know our potential.
nobody pushes at 100%, the rails represent a really important danger and it would damage breaking a car during free practices .
With regard to tyres there is never enough time to do a real comparison between the tires and the time results are not surprising, super soft are faster but degrade faster than the soft, so must analyse the data , find the best strategy for the qualifications and for the race."

Felipe Massa: "the weekend starts well and the car has behaved well and I was able to find the right rhythm during the two practice sessions, I end in the top five each time, it is an important result in an appointment if unpredictable is the Monaco Grand Prix.
We remain aware that we must work on the car and we are going to analyse all the data to try to understand choices to make, because it is essential to have a regular car in qualifications and a competitive car in the race.
Mercedes have proved to be very fast and I am sure it will be difficult to beat them in qualifying, but I know that we have the potential for us to beat them ."

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