Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ferrari : Fernando Alonso first impressions on F14T

"I think about Schumacher who won his title in his fifth year at Ferrari. I'm in my fifth year, so I hope I can repeat some of his successes."

"A few years have passed, we had opportunities, especially in 2010 and 2012, and we hope that this year will be good. There are many technical changes this year, which will probably lead to changes in the level of driving style. There are also a lot of new rules, so I'm sure that all drivers will have the curiosity to know how is this new formula one, we will find out soon." 
"I think that Kimi and I being team-mates, we should be strong enough on paper because we have some success in the past, in our career in formula one. But we must all re - discover, each year we start at zero. We will do good things, we are a great team even if everything is not perfect at the start then I know that I can count on this team that will give every effort to do so."

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