Friday, December 17, 2010

The news of the week part 1

Mark Webber has revealed in his book "Up Front", which recounts his fabulous 2010, he had a broken shoulder just before the Japanese GP after a fall mountain bike and he ran the 3 gp with this latest injury unresectable. Besides, he had had injections of cortisone before the Japanese GP. Only his physio and the doctor of the FIA were aware but not Christian Horner who has also strongly criticized Mark. Since Mark has said that if he did not revealed it it was only because the injury didn't cripple him .
* Pedro de la Rosa is planning to be again a test driver for McLaren in 2011 if he does not find a quick wheel holder in a team. For his part Hulkenberg is confident about his chances of being on the grid in 2011 .
* Nelson Piquet, father and son have won their case against Renault who had accused them of having lied in the case of crashgate singapore. Renault will have to pay them damages and reimbursement for costs of the suit.

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