Thursday, December 30, 2010

La gazzetta de Ferrari

* the Ferrari F11 has passed the first crash tests for the rigidity of the shell of the car with success. The only minor defect that was found is a crack on the outside front of the car but it is something that is easy to correct. These tests took place near Milan under the supervision of an official of the FIA . Aldo Costa, who oversaw the design of the F11 was very pleased and reassured to read. The F11 will undergo further tests within the next few days. In addition it is rumored that the new Ferrari was built at the limit of the using extremely thin materials in order to optimize its speed.
* Valentino Rossi will face Fernando Alonso in a race on ice at the festival vroom which be held in Madonna di Campiglio in January.
* Luca di Montezemolo said recently that Sebastian Vettel could eventually drive for Ferrari as it would be an ideal successor to Felipe Massa.
* for his part Fernando Alonso said he would welcome the German pilot and he was not afraid to face any pilot who could become his teammate . Fernando also said he has always scored more points than all his teammates and it was not about to change.

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