Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The gossips of the week

* Nicole Schwerzinger recently said she was seriously considering marrying Lewis Hamilton and have 2 children! we do not yet know the opinion of the principal concerned...
* Heikki Kovalainen and his girlfriend Catherine Hyde have been unpleasantly surprised, upon returning from the weekend, their sauna that had not been extinguished was set to 127 degrees ! Fortunately they arrived in time before it causes a fire.
* Fernando Alonso is currently on vacation with his wife Raquel del Rosario on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo off the coast of Madeira and had the "surprise" to be greeted by paparazzi when he got off plane . A video circulating on the web in which we see say this: "In the first cameraman or photographer that I see in the coming days, I'll go away the next day, claiming that Porto Santo is a disaster. Okay, then , please let us quiet".
these words were not uttered in a nasty tone but they didn't necessarily please with the island's population. It must be remembered that since Fernando is known he's harassed in Spain and elsewhere by the gutter press so we can understand his lack of composure that day.

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  1. Nicole ca fait 2 ans qu'elle dit qu'ils vont se marier donc attendons de voir (je me rappelle qu'il y avait même eu des rumeurs comme quoi ils allaient se fiancer en juillet 2010...)

    Et pour Raquel et Fernando je suis d'accord, ca a été vachement exagéré, certains sites titraient même "Fernando hits paparazzi". Je sais pas si tu as vu mais Raquel a eu une altercation assez musclée aussi a Porto Santo, la police a meme du intervenir (mais je ne mets pas ce genre d'infos sur mon blog).

    J'adore le look de ton blog !