Monday, January 17, 2011

Summary of Fernando Alonso's last week press conference

Last week , Fernando Alonso gave a press conference. He made particular reference to the 2010 season and the failure of Abu Dhabi:
"In the second part of the year, we have made an extraordinary return and, at the last race, we did not win the title. Certainly, after the race, you can say that the decision was wrong and we should have acted differently. But when we decided to pit, it seemed to be the right choice for us . Now we can be here and say that the degradation of soft tires evolved in a surprising manner and we could have stayed on track until the thirtieth round, but it's easy to say it now . The truth is that, as I have always said, even if it seems predictable, you win and lose together. While we learn more during the defeats than victory, it is also true that 2010 was a success for me. There is no more time for thinking in Abu Dhabi, one more minute spent in it is one minute less to work on this year."
Now up to 2011 where Fernando will do everything to be perfect throughout the season: "At the end of each season, you make an assessment, we know that there are areas where we need to improve while striving to maintain our forces. We lost so many points in the first part of the year and we know we will be perfect from March to November to win. We've made some changes within the team and I am sure this will help improve the things we do in all areas, not just sport. I know that Pat Fry is very good, having worked with him at McLaren, and I think he can be a great help for us."
Finally, Fernando said he would like to challenge Valentino Rossi at the end of the season on two or four wheels !

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