Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summary of Domenicali's press conference

Yesterday Stefano Domenicali gave a press conference during which he returned on several topics: * First, he insisted that the priority for Ferrari this season is to win the two titles and have the best car of the grid .
* Then he thinks that Ferrari will have an advantage for the use of KERS, at least early in the season, thanks to their experience in 2009.
* Secondly, stefano doubts the effectiveness of the removable rear wing in place this year to facilitate overtaking because as a new technology it will have time to be mastered to perfection. Furthermore he wonders how tv viewers will know that a driver uses this system as it will only be active on certain portions of the circuit and that it is only through a slot on the wheel of the driver the pilot will know when to use this system.
* Domenicali also returned to the instructions issued in Germany and that he not regretted having taken this decision because the rest of the season gave him reason, for , without this error strategy , Alonso would surely have been world champion . More the case had contributed to abolish the regulation for 2011.
* Finally, to the question of whether Massa would remain after 2011, Stefano has not responded directly preferring simply to emphasize that he hoped that Massa would be better this year alongside Fernando Alonso.

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