Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shakedown F150

A few News :
- to save his budget and especially to avoid building a second wind tunnel, Ferrari has used the Toyota one to develop its F150.
- Aldo Costa has told that the aero of the F150 will be redrafted by Bahrain and the car will evolve very much by the first race.
- Ferrari team thinks there are too many buttons on the steering wheel of an F1 car today and it removes the drivers for his driving:
"We have reached an unacceptable level"said Aldo Costa, Technical Director Ferrari, according to comments reported by Autosport. The Italian has revealed that the technical working group of the F1 is already addressing the issue. "We conduct simulator evaluations. We want to determine if the pilot can physically manage all these elements. The situation is somewhat extreme ."
"There is so much to do on the wheel, but we still drive the car" , Massa noticed a few weeks ago.
Alonso noted that the complexity of flying affects the reaction time in the cockpit. And in rainy conditions "when visibility is poor the tasks become more difficult."
- Friday afternoon, Fernando Alonso gave the first laps at Fiorano to the F150 for the filming of an ad and Saturday it was the turn of Felipe Massa. On this occasion, Ferrari has invited more than 15,000 people club members meet for Ferrari drivers and attend the shakedown.

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