Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hungary GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"First of all thank you all for wishing me my thirtieth birthday and especially to Bernie Ecclestone, who came to wish me along with all the journalists at the press conference. It's nice to celebrate it here with a team like Ferrari, because I will be with them until I was probably 35 years. As for F1, we completed the planned program and I must say we had a positive start for the rest of the weekend. We will now analyze the data and make the best choices for qualifying and the race. I am happy because I've done a lot of laps, which is important to study the degradation of tires, which is an important factor. The track is very dirty and the same as the Nürburgring last Friday. However, we know it will get better day after day until Sunday afternoon and there will be more important to manage his tires. We saw McLaren look very strong, as they were last weekend. Now we need to analyze data to improve the car especially in the third area where we seem slower than our rivals."
Felipe Massa :
"We worked hard today, especially on the comparison of Pirelli tires and we can say that the degradation appears to be important, both on the soft tires that super soft, this will be an important factor in the strategy. I think we'll have very strong competitors such as Red Bull and McLaren. This will not be easy to qualify well but it will do, because I think overtaking will be difficult here. I was not able to do a fast time my first round with the super soft tires because I cut the turn 9, so my lap times of the day is not the best I could do. Tires degrade easily if you attack strongly. I Of course, wished a happy birthday this morning Alonso, because it is an important day for him, so I resouhaite him a happy birthday. "

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