Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hungary GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"This is the same as last week, so we are neither surprised nor disappointed. I did not do a perfect lap in Q3, which cost me a better grid position, but I do not think I was able to pull myself up the front line. The third place was within our reach, and it would have been an excellent position to start the race. Our direct rivals did better than us, including Felipe [Massa] that n has no error and go ahead of me tomorrow. It is important to have a car that will allow us to fight for the podium, that's what we will win big points in the Championship. A fifth place is better a fourth, because at least I started on the right side of the runway, and I have a better start. Red Bull has once again hit hard. It seems difficult in Q1 and Q2, then Q3, they released an anthology of round I do not know where ... It was always difficult to overtake here, but with the Srec and DRS that are available to us, things should change. The pit stops are essential to complete a position, we have seen the importance of the latter on the outcome of a race, and that's where everything could be played. "
Felipe Massa :
"Usually our opponents that we are faster in qualifying and our race pace can make up the difference in performance, so we'll see if tomorrow it will be the case. I hope to have a car that will be competitive as it was during my last laps. This morning I had oversteer and then we made some changes before the oversteer take place. After further adjustments, the balance was better. As for the strategy, it is difficult to predict the number of stops we have, for a four-stop strategy is not impossible, probably three ... It will depend on the length of the first relay is where we will have a clear picture. It the first time that I stand before Fernando [Alonso] this year and I'm very happy, but what counts is being in front of our opponents, which is not the case."

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