Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(3rd) :
"Back here, carry the combination of Ferrari is very exciting, a place on the podium was within reach, I said yesterday, but we knew why it was necessary to make a great start, we did it with work of engineers and the perfect preparation of the team. The departure was truly a magical moment, like that of Barcelona, ​​but we knew it was not our true position so that sooner or later we would lose positions. But it's always nice to see our fans cheering us and for laps behind the safety car was great. There was nothing to deal with Vettel, it was much faster than us, and we passed easily. The situation was much better deal with McLaren, with the tender we could defend ourselves, but on hard they had an advantage, I think if the race had lasted a few more laps, I could not finish on the podium. However, I am happy with the result because we were better in the race than qualifying, which is a regular factor. Of course, it would be fantastic to repeat the same race in 2010, but we must remain calm and focus on the future to win more races. The objectives are reduced since the title is almost impossible to achieve. We want to win races to try to defend my position in the drivers' championship. "
Felipe Massa(6th) :
"I can not be that disappointed by the sixth day because I could certainly fight for a podium place, but unfortunately the incident caused by Webber I lost too much time and I ended up tenth . This meant that I had a lot of overtaking to do, but hey I'm pretty lucky because the collision with Webber did not cause any damage, he typed my tires and we were in the start of the second turn. I braked a bit late and he was outside, it could never happen. I am really disappointed because the car was not so bad that today, particularly on race pace. We were pretty fast and the degradation was low, now we hope to have a little more luck for the last six races remaining. "

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