Thursday, September 22, 2011

La Gazzetta de Ferrari !

* Ferrari is preparing 2012 : Luca di Montezemolo confirmed that Ferrari has stopped the F150 development after Monza to concentrate on the car of 2012. We already have some indiscretions, that the Ferrari of 2012 will have a suspension similar to the RB7 and will be lower. In addition, Ferrari will test new aerodynamic parts including during the rest of the 2011 season to collect more data. Another interesting rumor: Ferrari count ask Rory Byrne to come back to Ferrari as a consultant to give a valuable opinion on the new car. Rory Byrne is currently in retirement in Thailand but did not stay away from the world of F1 as he took part of the group that looked at the technical regulations of 2013.
* The Ferrari driver academy:
Sergio Perez and Jules Bianchi were invited in Maranello with the Ferrari driver academy. In particular, they have done a few laps aboard the F60 and spent time in the simulator.
* Fernando Alonso chat with fans:
Fernando Alonso took part in a chat with community members of Ferrari, during which he addressed several issues:
-first the 2012 season and his desire to win: "It is clear that the results this year have not met our expectations. In the DNA of Ferrari, there is victory and that's what we will pursue in 2012. "
-Fernando also said that the race to be held in Singapore will be more appropriated to the F150 and his driving style than in Monza and he thinks he is more likely to win. He also recalled his admiration for Senna for "his passion and style."
-On a more serious tone he described how he learned of the accident of his friend Robert Kubica:
"When I heard that, I was skiing in Val Gardena with Felipe (Massa, his teammate) and some friends. I went direct to the hospital to be with him. This is the kind of information that we do not wish to receive. "
-Finally, on a much lighter tone, Fernando spoke about his addiction to pizza and pasta prepared at the restaurant "Montana" in Maranello .

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