Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changes on the 2012 technical regulation

The fia did , today , some changes of the technical regulation for 2012 . Here they are :
«-All cars must pass the crash tests before being allowed to take part in winter testing. -During the 2012 season, a session Testing will be held during three days. The race drivers will be allowed to take part. The dates and the circuit have not yet been chosen. 
-The drivers will be allowed to use all the sets of tires available to them the first free practice session. So far, only three sets of tires were awarded on Friday morning. 
-No drivers will be allowed to leave the track, for example by cutting the chicanes rise in input or output in the order to save time or save fuel, unless a reason justified. 
-under safety car, all pointing to the cars around the leader will be allowed to split for reach the back of the pack. This will move to restart the race in the order of the positions of ranking. 
-During the race, drivers who have left their line to defend their position will not be allowed to resume ideal line immediately. -Now, after the departure of the race, duration of four hours only can not be exceeded in case of temporary suspension. -The cars being in the pitlane during the interruption of a race will be allowed to join the grid in the position that was theirs to time of the interruption.»
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